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Olde Londontowne



Resident · 2008
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Office Staff
I wouldn't live here if I didn't have to. Believe me, it was not my first choice of places to live! And no, I'm not on Section 8. It was just about the only place I could afford at the time. Where shall I start? How about the shamrock-green swimming pool? I didn't know water could turn that color and stay that way for months on end! How about the mold creeping up and down my bathroom wall, looking like The Black Thing From the Swamp? Oh, and the cockroaches! Gotta love those! Also, a very entertaining place to live if you like watching gunfights! I've never personally witnessed them with my own eyes, but I've heard them going on with my own ears! Security around here? What security? I stepped out of my apartment tonight to go to the 7-11 and at the 7-11, which is only about 10 feet from the property line, I was accosted by two crackheads who wanted me to give them $1.50. No, they didn't beat me up, but I thought they were going to and I thought they were following me as I went home. (I didn't give them any money.) Also, the other day when I was going to the 7-11, I stepped out of my apartment just in time to witness two people selling crack practically right in front of my door! Now, doesn't that just give you a warm, fuzzy feeling? Isn't this just the place you want to bring the WHOLE FAMILY to? Do yourself a favor: Suck it up and pay more for an apartment. Hopefully, the scum won't come to a place if it's expensive. Yes, you'll have to pay more, but you'll be getting more peace of mind: Your kids will be safer, your vehicle will be safer, you can swim in a clean swimming pool, the Black Swamp Thing won't invade your house, the cockroaches won't cart you off, your apartment will be less likely to flood in heavy rains (yes, a lot of them here DO flood) and you'll be less likely to find a pile of human crap in the laundry room. Yes, somebody said they'd seen that here, too.
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Olde Londontowne

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