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Quail Run



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/14/2007
I really have not had the best time at Quail Run. First off, when it came time to renew my lease, they raised my rent by $42. That's 10% when the national AVERAGE (this is including places like NYC and everything) was 5%. I would've moved, but I'm in the middle of a semester, so I can't right now. Then, they lied about giving me a student discount. When I first moved in, they said they would give me a student discount, and they did (I think 5%). But when it came time to renew my 9 month lease they said that they didn't do that, and that they hadn't in over a year. THEN, after raising my rent and lying to me about my discount, they never provided the fitness center that they promised. THEN, they demanded $500 dollars for the pet deposit, which is FAR from fair. That's what it is at a rent house! I think I've been cheated and screwed over enough as it is. The floors creak, the maintenance crew is terrible. After 9 months, they still haven't put the handle back on my patio door. There was a chip in the bathtub and when they "resurfaced" it, it looked absolutely atrocious. The maintenance crew was too lazy to knock and see if we were home (which we were) and they just left a note saying they needed a key. It was a safe area, now I'm not so sure. The other night a guy came running across the parking lot; he was running from the police. The floorplan is great, though. And truly, it's not THAT bad. I think I'd be better off living somewhere else, though.
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Quail Run

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