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Raindance Apartments

2201 NW 122nd Street

Oklahoma City, OK 73120



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finalmethod • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/18/2007
My Girlfriend and I are both 18, and live at Raindance. We thought the complex looked decent, and the price was right(READ: Cheap). My Girlfriend took care of the Lease, and swore it was decent. The first time I visited the property, I knew that we were going to have problems. <br>These are the reasons we will NOT renew our lease and are currently trying to break our lease.<br>1. The "security gates" NEVER work. <br>2. There are always people loitering outside, and around cars at any hour of the night.<br>3. Local Police can be spotted daily, and the crime rating of the complex is horrible.<br>4. Drug dealers and "Gangsters" can be easily spotted.<br>5. Neighbors are LOUD(READ: Playing Stereos at inconsiderate volume levels - constantly, Talking loudly on cell phones, or to other people in the middle of the night)<br>6. There always seems to be some hip-and-happenin' dude in the parking lot "pumpin-out-da-bass"<br>7. Maintenance is a joke.<br>8. Although my car hasn't yet been broken in to, many cars have been. <br>9. Hearing gunshots whilst walking the dog, is not uncommon.<br>10. My Girlfriend has been harassed multiple times (while checking the mail etc.)<br>11. Many cars are hit in the parking lot.<br>12. Loud arguments, including cursing, between the aforementioned "Gangsters" is not uncommon.<br>13. I'm a mechanic, and I believe I have good taste when it comes to automobiles, so this may apply to just me, but Pre-1992 Honda Civics, and Nissan Sentras with no Exhaust to speak of are VERY common. And they love to Rev their engines, and pretend to squeal their tires in the parking lot at night.<br>14. Ours hasn't been, YET, but many other apartments have been broken in to.<br><br>-This is all I can think of at the moment, although I'm sure there are more.<br><br>My Advise, don't even consider these apartments, unless you often carry multiple guns, and like rude neighbors and crime!
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Raindance Apartments

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