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Raintree Meadow Apartments



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Raintree Meadows was my VERY first apartment of my own. I was 18 when I moved in and was so excited to finally have something to call mine. Whoever lived in the apartment before me was disgusting. I found used tampon under the bathroom sink and the apartment looked as if it had just not been cleaned or even walked through. Yet, I still had to pay a $530 deposit to get in. When summer hit, my air conditioner stopped working. I called the office, I called the emergency maintenance line, and nobody even got back to me for two days. It was 100 degrees outside and I was drenched in sweat in my own home. It took them an entire week, not including the two days I waited to hear from them to fix it. I had to stay in a motel because it was so hot in my apartment. I never received an apology or a payment for having to spend money on a motel. About a month or so later, the air conditioner started leaking. I came home from work and my carpet was soggy from the hallway and into the bedrooms. Maintenance came over and stuck a bucket under it and said to empty it out every few hours and they'd come look at it next week. Took another week for them to even come back and look at it to see what was wrong. If you ever need anything fixed, don't expect maintenance to care. Even after going down the office, I was told to just 'wait it out.' I payed rent on time every single time and I was a fantastic resident here and was always treated like trash. I bought my very first car in the summertime and I had the car for TWO days before it got broken into and my entire stereo system stolen. I worked hard for all of that. These apartments are not safe. I am not the only person who had their car broken into that month either. There were four others that I know of. I was raped in these apartments as well. It was by someone that I knew, mind you... but staff refused to send the security patrol car around my apartment to keep an eye out for this person if he came back. Staff doesn't give a damn about the residents or the maintenance problems or safety at all. They sit in the office playing on Facebook all day. When I finally got out of my lease after a year, I was told that I would get my deposit back within 30 days. It has, to this day, been 40 days now. I have called the office about 100 times, they never answer. I've left about 30 messages (no joke). No calls were returned. And I have been calling and emailing for about two weeks trying to find out when I should expect my money. I finally got a day off work and came up to the office to find out. They said that they never received my forwarding address, so they never had corporate cut the check. Well, sure enough... Amy and Christie opened my file and right there on the first page was my forwarding address. I was called a liar about coming in and giving her the address even though it was clearly written on two separate papers in my file. I finally had to get them to give my the First Management corporate office's number in Texas. I have spoke to a few different people and now my check for the $530 is being overnighted to me. The lady I spoke with said that Amy and Christie probably won't be working there much longer. So maybe these apartment will be better soon without them. But I had a HORRIBLE experience. I would not recommend these apartments to ANYONE. Not even crack dealers.
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Raintree Meadow Apartments

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