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Raintree Meadow Apartments



Resident · 2012 - 2014
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Office Staff
Our neighbors are idiots who allow their dog (a Chihuahua) to run around off leash. The office does nothing about this expect to put a flyer on our doors to remind us to pick up after our pets. As a resident with a pet, I pay $20 extra pet month for 2 pets. With this money the office is suppose to supply dog poop bags for the residents. They have been out of ---- bags for over 2 months. And so we are paying that extra $20/ month for NOTHING. The laundry facility was recently "renovated" with new machines that don't work. They cost more than the old machines, but they won't wash clothes completely or get them completely dry. There is a electric short in one of the machines that causes all the lights in the room to blink on and off when you push the button to dry your clothes. There was a flyer on the door with the number for maintenance until maintenance got tired of all the complaints and took it down. And you can forget maintenance fixing anything in your apartment. We've put in reports before and months go by before they come to fix it. (We fixed it ourselves after a week when re realized no one was coming.) When you move into your apartment you'll release they only painted everything (even the fixtures) with primer. If you have bad credit, they charge you more every month and report negatively to the credit bureau even if you PAY ON TIME EVERY MONTH without contacting you first. The service is horrible. The office talks down to you like you are a moron after you sign your lease, and can't even get their facts right. They lost the one good person that worked in the office because they are idiots.
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Raintree Meadow Apartments

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