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Southern Oaks Apartments



Resident · 2009 - 2011
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Office Staff
If you are in a tough financial jam like my self due to medical bills & health this may be the place for you. If you don't mind the gangmembers beating up themselves & girlfriends next door or the police breaking down the door of the apartment above you looking for someone who commited a horrible crime. I wasn't being held hostage & chose to stay there till I got my finances right. After being told how we were such good tenants time after time I would think that the apartment owners & management were telling the truth when they said they would mail my deposit 30days after moving out. Well it's been 2 months & going on the 3rd month and all I have gotten is excuse after bad excuse. If I didn't need my money for medical supplies I would let it go because its been very stressful trying to get my money. First I was told by management that the owners wife thought she had sent the check already. Then I was told that the owners wife had went out of town & was behind on paperwork for 2 properties and working on getting checks sent. If owners wife told management that she thought she had sent my check wouldn't that mean paperwork must have been done. After another call I asked for name & number of owner because my dad stepped in to help since I had just had surgery after being in the hospital for 2 weeks on my deathbed. But was told by management she couldn't give that information out but would have the owners wife call me. It's been 4 days since that conversation and I still have not recieved a call from anyone. I lived in this building for over 2 yrs. And spoke with manager on a friendly bases and now I get treated as if I skipped out. I turned in my 30day vacate notice and left the apartment in better shape than it was before we moved in. after hearing some of the awful stories from apartment manager and staff of how other tenants left their apartments I would think they appreciated that. I have all of my receipts & lease and still no check. I've used up all of my sick leave 2 surgeries ago and when i was recently admitted to hospital for another surgery was told by my doctor that I was a day or two from dying. Now I am on a feeding tube & pump 24 hrs a day, seven days a week and will be for the rest of what life I have. I've tried any & everything to take care of my supplies but am stil short. Owners and management may not care about my issues or my deposit but that deposit could mean life or death for me. The manager never had to come find me for rent like some of the other tenants or have to call police on me like some of he other tenants. If for some reason the owners were having money trouble they could have called and simply told me the truth. I would respect that more than giving me the run around. Had I not have paid my last month rent & told them to deduct it from my deposit I would be sitting in court with several fees. I'm to tired and worn out to go to court and it shouldn't be that way. I can only pray and hope that something will change and if I don't get my deposit I hope they at least will use it to help someone in need.
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Southern Oaks Apartments

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