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Springs at May Lakes



Resident · 2017 - 2018
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Office Staff
The gates are hardly ever in good working order, but when they are, people that clearly should not be there just go in through the exit or wait for other cars to pull through the gate. The maintenance staff is phenomenal. They are always polite, respectful, and get their work done in a timely manner. However, they need the help of the property manager to get anything done. There are many issues that residents deal with for months at a time: flooding, bad weather stripping under doors, bugs (lots of bugs) in and around the apartments, and others that management does not seem extremely concerned with. The walls are paper thin, and if you live downstairs you will hear every noise your upstairs neighbor makes. The staff in the office seems to care about you while you are standing in front of them, but once you have left the office your concerns are not handled. To get anything done you have to call and go in to the office multiple multiple multiple times. If you have a problem with your apartment or with your neighbors, the office will treat you as though you are the problem. The grounds are not maintained at the same standard in the back of the property as they are at the front. Pet owners are not held accountable for their animals and will leave poop in public areas and will walk their dogs without leashes. People fly through the complex despite the few speed bumps that have been put in. People roam around in between the buildings at all hours of the day and night and the courtesy officer is impossible to reach. For a complex with over 400 units, they have the staff of a 200-unit complex. They are incredibly understaffed and do not have the back up from their superiors that is required to run a complex of this size. Waiting for the lease to expire so that we can run far away from here and never look back. I have been incredibly disappointed with our experience, especially for the price point. You can see the property manager replying to reviews here, but you cannot get her to return a phone call in a timely fashion.
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Springs at May Lakes Manager


Hi, Thank you for your honest review. We pride ourselves on customer service and are sincerely sorry that we missed the mark with you. Our gate was inoperable for a brief time, but we are happy to say it is now functioning properly. Our maintenance team is dedicated to making sure the grounds and Pet Waste stations are maintained daily, our team has conducted an annual unit inspections as well as a pet audit to help insure all pets are registered so that we can get accurate DNA matches. I would love the opportunity to speak with you in detail about your negative experience with the office staff and your apartment home. We have used this as a training experience and hope that we are able to better serve you during the remainder of your residency with us. Please feel free to contact me at 405.546.5120 Thank you, Corina Jim Community Manager

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Springs at May Lakes

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