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Sunnyview Apartments



Resident · 2008 - 2009
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Office Staff
I've moved in December 08 and the only complaint that I have is the serious danger of static electricity. The air is so dry in here is because of information from ONG that this place did not have gas service in over a year, so that says no one was living here for over a year. That is the fault of previous managements. Right now, the current management are working hard to restore this entire complex. They got this unit completely restored and now I'm living in it. I really wish the staff provide me a humidifier until the air restores back to normal. I'm on a tight budget, so I'll just have to tough it out thru this winter. By next winter, the air should be fully moisturized with no static electricity. Hopefully no more computers will be fried. Now onto further reviews... The parking spaces is more than enough. It is shocking to see how the few that gave poor parking ratings on this site. There is plenty of parking spaces! There is only a few units where people would have to walk around to the other side of the building, but that is completely normal. Those that gave a poor parking rating are lazy bums. I can't give any accurate rating on the noise since I am deaf, but I do say this based on action relating to noise that it is quiet here. I have not seen a crowd outside during day or night. The grounds on the complex is just fine. It is being maintained and I see different staff people working all around. Recently, management hired a company to inspect and restore balconies, porches, and landings. The safety for the complex is pleasurable. Outdoor lighting is lighted just enough to see and be seen. All of the shrubs and bushes are trimmed. I'm not sure on what to say on construction, but keep in mind that this complex was built many years ago, so it is normal of the design and appearance it is at right now. It is safe to live in. The buildings does not shift and fall. Maintenance is quick and every work order are required to be submitted on paper to keep on file. The bugs-destroyer comes out once a month to inspect and treat if needed. The current, new office staff is nice and friendly. They gave us the Patio Decorations Contest for December. It was fun! I hope there will be more for other holidays, including Halloween! I do wish I get a month's free rent to use the money for a new computer (static electricity). How does Sunnyview compare with the other nearby apartments? Superior! I'm living in nearly 1,000 sq ft, which is 2 floors, for only $400! It is really hard to find afordable apartment for such a large space. Sunnyview even have 2 and 3 bedrooms at an even bigger sq ft! Fridge and Stove is provided, but washer and dryer are not provided due to past history with moronic ex-residents stealing. At least, we do have the connections, but we will have to get our own stackable washer and dryer. Did I mention fireplace?! Just about every unit have a fireplace! Real working fireplace! It's so beautiful! Pets are allowed, but keep in mind that it is $300 for each animal. I know it is crazy, but it's worth it. Discuss a payment plan with them, they will work it out with you. Yes, they have a swimming pool and its sparkling blue! Oh, one more thing, the east side of the complex is now having heated water at all time. The management had people to replace pipes and equipments. So, thats great news! Remember, the new management is working very hard to restore this complex. Please, give this place a chance, come by to check it out. The more residents we have, the more money the management can work with to continue future projects. It is very important for residents to support the complex of their choice. Let that choice be Sunnyview!
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Sunnyview Apartments

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