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Sunnyview Apartments



Resident · 2004 - 2006
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Office Staff
I would just like to say that if you are looking at these reviews and are thinking of moving to sunnyview , you have got to let the reviews speak for themselves . bottom line is this is a bad place to move i am a former tenant i started with them when beacon mgmt had them in 1999 then on to mcsha in 2004 and then general properties mgmt, aka lew minguiness properties mgmt. and i must say sunnyviews problems are age old they need to tear them down and possibly re build if you look at the apartment trend in del city they are almost a thing of the pass they have recently closed 3 complexes that were gang infestied and unsafe . another thing about sunnyview if you have children it sits on a side of oklahoma city that just happens to let the children that live in these apartments go to mid-del schools but beware del city rezone's often , for the people that are reading this and saying for them to be so bad you stayed a long time , i was promised by every new mgmt company that they would fix things and then i was lured in by cheap rent cuts and then the down side to that is it's that price but only for a 2yr lease. like any other person i took the rate cut and hoped for change. another problem i ran into when trying to move from sunnyview is that when other landlords would call to verfiy that i lived there and that i was looking at another property they would not give any info even with written consent therfore screwing you out of moving . i also had a problem with overly friendly maintince staff that would come and pretend to fix things while hiding from mgmt and instead of fixing things would be asking me personal questions and wondering what time my husband would be coming home. if you know what i mean! . we also had a lady who was a manager that got strung out on meth . and lived in the same building i did she stole money and sold every appliance that belong to sunnyview to support her habit , then she stole her file in the office so it took them almost 6 months to get rid of her because at that time they did not have tenant records on computer all you personal info was kept in white boxes. the lady then turned her apartment over to her drug supplier to use and you know what kind traffic that brought to our building . finally they got her out but it took 6 months. there is no security either , and guess what the police do not rush it alway's takes about 20mins because there again it's oklahoma city police not del city, sometimes they don't come at all , . then there's the swimming pool that is not safe the vandals of the area put powdered milk in there one year then a few days later battery acid , how would you like to take a dip in that . these apartments are hellish PLEASE PLEASE THINK BEFORE YOU MOVE INTO A PLACE LIKE THIS..........On the internet if you type in complaints on sunnyview apartments in oklahoma city it will pull up a site called www.courthousenews.com it will give you information that on 3/30/09 it's "new mgmt " same managment under new name WAS INVOLVED IN A REAL ESTATE PONZI SCHEME ........if you read the entire write up which it should roll over to adobe format if you press the more icon, all of the things people have been saying about poor maintince and bad plumbing and leaky roofs are all in the court papers he is being charged with federal fraud, for covering up all the problems with sunnyview,and lots of other issues . to anyone thinking and planning to move over there if you read all the complaints and court papers if that don't change your mind you are looking for trouble.
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Sunnyview Apartments

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