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The Aberdeen



Resident · 2005 - 2007
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The Aberdeen is the first place I lived in after I got married. I will remember it for the similarities to that old Tom Hanks movie, The Money Pit. There is a scene where the bathtub falls from upstairs to the living room below. In essense, that's what has happened twice in my apartment. Contrary to other ratings, I live in the square (not the highrise) in a townhome style apartment. I understand that it was built in the 1970s and that things would go wrong from time to time, and I have been extremely patient with common repairs such as my screen door being "fixed" at least five times before being replaced. The replacement door is broken now in the same mannter as the first one. Take a really good inspection outside, the shingles are in bad shape and they may come down on you. As one did on my wife's car. The back porch floods. The foundation has shifted so much that doors close on their own. The toilet has overflowed a couple of times, whatever, that's no big deal. However, where I have the biggest issue has been with the ceiling falling in...at two locations. Three times. My upstairs air-conditioner unit is probably as old as the building itself and along with having difficulties regulating temperature (for a comfortable 72 degrees, set thermostat to 78-80), it also has a leak. Apparently a pretty severe one. It rests in a closet directly over the downstairs bar. The leak was so bad that on two different occasions, the drywall above the bar became so waterlogged that it collapsed under the weight of the water that had collected from the air conditioner leak. The ceiling came down and I was ultimately left with a gaping hole, a continuous leak and an intoxicating mildew aroma. I would consider that a maintenance emergency, but it occured on Friday and there was no maintenance until the following Wednesday. When maintenance finally arrived, they simply put up new drywall, painted, and blasted popcorn texturing all over my living room. It got everywhere, all over the walls, pictures, the kitchen, my computer, everywhere. A couple of months later, repeat. The exact same situation. The final Chicken Little incident happened upstairs from a leak in the ceiling during a rain storm that happened just over my bed. They were more diligent in the repairs, I must say, but I think it took the supervision of myself and the apartment supervisor to ensure this. Or they were having a really good day. The leak is still occurring. I really like the maintenance man as a person, but I would say that he could probably use a little more help for repairs so he can focus on actually fixing problems instead of essentially putting a band-aid on a broken leg. I'm looking to move as soon as my lease expires. Also, there is only one cable outlet in the whole apartment. In order to get cable upstairs. I have to run it from the back corner, across the length of the wall, up the stairs, split it, and run it to the upstairs bedrooms. This is through two tvs, a phone and an internet connection. Needless to say, upstairs cable reception is pretty weak.
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The Aberdeen

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