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The District on 119



Resident · 2015
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Office Staff
Okay so let's start off by saying that when I moved in the person living below me started complaining that I was going to be too loud before even moving in. She always emails my roommate avout how much of a problem I am so that whatever... in the policy it states that you shall not smoke on the property, it states that you must pick up your pets feces if on the property. Which I still have my downstairs neighbor disobeying. And lastly my down stairs neighbor was walking her dogs, and yesterday as I was passing her... Her dog attacked me. She didn't say thing except she told her dog... "That was a bad dog you know you aren't supposed to do that." Not to mention I'm not the only one in this apartment to have been attacked by her dogs. And through my pants the animal left a lasaration in more than one place. At this point you probably think that is me just complaining about a regular tenant. NO its the MANAGER of the apartment complex. How can you expect your residents to abide by your rules if you can't yourself. I can't tell you how many times I step outside to smell smoke from her balcony. And I don't know why it's a minefield of feces as I step out the back door.
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The District on 119

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