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The Lincoln at Central Park



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/30/2007
The management staff and the development group (Gardner Tanenbaum Group a.k.a. <br>Gardner & Gardner) who run and fund this complex are perhaps the most unprofessional and inexperienced group of people I've ever had to deal with in any business context, let alone property management. They took my deposit, without a lease, and then when it came time to move in, they asked me to stay where I was at. That wasn't an option so they parked me downtown at The Montgomery (one of their other properties), which they said would only be for a month and a half. It turned into a nightmare. Every month, they would assure me that I would be moving soon, and soon 6 months had passed by, and they still lied about when it would be completed. And as if that weren't the worst of it, you know the principle "the customer is always right?" The management staff are not aware of this principle. They treated me like I was some kind of annoyance, like I had no right to be upset. The property manager at The Lincoln, whose name I won't say, actually said to me while I was voicing my discontent with the whole escapade, "I certainly don't appreciate being told how to run my office." And he treated me like a bum. He acted like I had no right to voice my discontent. He treated me like I was stupid, and then he gloated about the fact that they had since increased the rent for this particular apartment model and that I would be getting it at a sufficient discount. So I contacted his supervisor to discuss the way I had been treated by this person, and his supervisor assured me that this "certified property manager" was a complete professional and that he was licensed in 17 different ways, and then did absolutely nothing about the way I was treated. Finally, after 6 months of being lied to, they gave me a final date and I believed them -- they even started working out plans to have me moved (which they were supposed to pay for since I had to move myself into The Montgomery). I called about having my utilities and cable hooked up, and then the week before I was supposed to begin moving, they pulled the plug AGAIN and blamed it on construction delays! So of course they gave me another "tentative" date, and this time I finally put them to an ultimatum. If they didn't make this new date, then I was moving somewhere else and it wouldn't be to one of their properties. And of course a few weeks go buy and they make up some lame excuse. So I had to pay to move (for the second time) out of The Montgomery, which I left clean and in perfect condition, and move somewhere where they actually care about you instead of just your money. <br><br>And the kicker is: after all was said and done, after they'd screwed me over for nearly 7 months in a temporary apartment in downtown Oklahoma City, expecting me to pay for my own parking pass and deal with the inconvenience of living out of boxes, and lying to me constantly, they wouldn't give me my deposit back because I didn't fulfill the terms of my lease. LOL. And I never even signed a lease!<br><br>Stay away from this complex. They're a sham. They're completely unprofessional and obviously very inexperienced. All they care about is money. And it's no wonder, they probably need all they can get, with the way they manage everything, they're probably in serious financial decline. <br><br>I'm so glad I made the decision to move somewhere else, even if I did end up losing my deposit and paying to move myself out of their temporary holding pen. I sure hope this doesn't happen to anyone else.
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The Lincoln at Central Park

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