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The Park at Memorial

4201 West Memorial Road

Oklahoma City, OK 73134



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/07/2005
Things not impressed with:<br>1. Staff - ------ defensive snots; usual response is, we can't do anything about it - well what in the heck are they getting paid for besides to try to fill the place up with people whom they trick into having to deal with their poor attitudes<br>2. Maintenance - nothing is fixed properly generally requiring several trips before the apartments will admit that there even is a problem and call out someone who can fix it.<br>3. Mold and Dust<br>4. Fire Alarms going off for hours while the staff simply states that they cannot do anything about it and snap at you for calling and bothering them - they don't care if you have to leave b/c the fire alarms go off for hours on a regular basis - this really pissed me off when they went off around 4am and stayed on so long that I had to shower to get to work with little sleep<br>5. They called all the noise complaints I made "unconfirmed" - so the rule that any neighbor who bothers you more than 3 times will not be tolerated, this is generally disregarded by the staff, general response is, we can't do anything about it<br>6. Robberies - auto breakins, etc. <br>7. Plastic bathtubs - very hard to clean; nasty<br>8. Most of the major appliances needed to be repaired during my stay there - inconvenient not to have a working dishwasher, fridge, washer/dryer, etc.<br>9. Moved in to a hole in the wall - how is that for luxury living...felt jipped by false advertising claims
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The Park at Memorial

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