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The Regency



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/15/2005
Used to be nice but they were sold last year and its really gone down hill. The good side is that its close to downtown and the views are great. Marcia in the office is great and very helpful.<br><br>The bad side is last year they let the security guards go. Then they opened the place to less than desirable people  unemployed and very scummy. Now they allow dogs and in this environment its bad because every apartment is off the hallway. Water leaks and flooding in the basement never gets fixed. The smell of the garbage chutes in the hallways is really, really bad. They say all bills paid but you cant control the temperature very well  in the winter its 55 degrees so I have to heat my place by the over and in the summer its even worse. You can smell pot and urine in the hallways. Last week I saw a guy stealing underwear out of the laundry and not to be mean but they have a lot of senior citizens and theyll have their urine bags break or leak and it can be really bad. With the new management the rent increases have been crazy  to renew my lease they had an increase of almost $100. Becky, the apartment manager is very, very rude and if you have complaints she doesnt reply. The maintenance staff is constantly complaining to people that they dont make any money and ask if you know anywhere thats hiring. The one maintenance guy lives on my floor and Ive heard him yelling at his girlfriend almost every night for the past 6 months. What everyone says about parking is very true  its tough and most cars have dings. The apartments are just old, theyve tried updating but they just put lipstick on a pig. Working people will have to wait until Saturday to meet with the office as the first thing the new management did was cut the office hours. They give you a security card but dont worry if you dont have it because half of the time the doors are broken and the other half of the time someone will just let you in. Have seen homeless people sleeping in the lobby and sometimes there are people in the lobby asking you for money. Im a big guy but I would strongly recommend women, especially single women not live her as I dont know how safe theyll be. Final problem  roaches. They spray about every other week but youll see them still because some of the tenants are not the cleanest people in the world.
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The Regency

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