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Cascades at Southern Hills



Resident · 2007
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Office Staff
fountain crest has the worst management ever. First, they got my move in date wrong, so the apartment i requested wasnm't available when i was really going to move in, and I got stuck in the very first apartment, right by the gate that sounded like gun shots going off every time someone drove over it. My apartment leaked since the day i moved in and after countless work order requests and 2 times of them "fixing" it, it still leaked. Mold began to grow on the walls and water continued leaking in every day more and more. The idiotic maintenance guys had no idea what they were doing, a 5 year old kid could of done things better than them. After a month and a half, I had enough of fountain crest and told them i wanted out of my lease because of unacceptable living quarters. Del, the manager refused to believe that a moldy, wet apartment was unacceptable. She admitted that they wouldn't pay to really have anything fixed the right way. Management there is pathetic and I couldn't believe the way that they acted towards a tenant. They make excuses for everything. Managers don't raise their voices to their tenants, epspecially when they have done nothing wrong. All i asked was to have a dry, sanitary apartment, but I guess that was too much to ask from them. Take my advice, NEVER move there, you will hate every minute of it. It is SOOO worth paying more rent to live somewhere that Isnt a hell hole.
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Cascades at Southern Hills

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