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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/04/2007
Overall the apartments are fairly quiet. Minus the ambulances, domestic disturbances and TPD making their almost twice weekly visits.<br><br>(I got lucky.. all of my neighbors got smart & moved, so i was the only person living in the building! BUT when there WAS someone living below me, he had an ankle bracelet on.. he was a REGISTERED FELON..so much for those "background checks")<br><br>One day in December 2006, i had decided to stay in because of a bad snow storm.. turned on the news that evening and there had been a HOMICIDE in the street in front of my building. Not to mention 2 armed robberies in the same complex a couple months before.<br><br>The maintenance is horrible.. i've been trying to get them to fix my "den" door since moving to this residence. They claim to spray the apartments.. i know for a FACT this is a lie. The maintenance/ apartment office gave me all copies of my keys by accident.. how could they get in my locked apartment with no key?<br><br>The lighting outside is terrible, watch your car! ....That is IF you can find somewhere to park it!<br><br>The utilities are THROUGH THE ROOF!! The management lies and says they are affordable.. i am VERY conservative with my electricity & use energy effecient products.. doesnt $128 sound like a little much for a SMALL 1 bedroom with 1 person living in it?? The apartments are drafty & the H/A are old & do not work well.<br><br>I am not racist, but there is a LARGE -------- community here. Plus, a lot of people just wandering around at all hours clearly up to nothing productive.<br><br>Yes, there are worse places, but i really wouldnt recommend Cobblestone unless you have no other option.<br>NOTE: If the staff wont even live here.. maybe that should tell you something.
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