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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/05/2007
I moved into this apt because I am a student and it was cheap. The apts are spacious and they seem like a great deal for the cheap rent, but one cannot put a price on feeling safe. Helicopters circle this complex atleast 3nights a week. Homeless people dig through the trash on a weekly basis. I was constantly approached when returning home at night by creepy guys that would not back down...thank god I had a large dog. Thanks to my dog I caught some creepy guy in a hoody on my staircase staring in my bedroom window at night! One of my scariest encounters was when a couple guys started pounding on my neighbors door screaming for him to come out because they were going to "kick his ---" and then proceeded to bang on my door demanding I tell them where my neighbor (who i didn't even know) was. Then they tried to break into his car at which point I called the police. I understand that there is not place that is 100% safe, however I'm simply suggesting to other females who are thinking of living here alone...that they may not feel safe because I did not.<br><br><br>As far as the mgmt is concerned...I never really had any problems with my apt. so I never had any problems with them responding to complaints. However, they were kinda ------ on move out day. Be prepared to spend a full day cleaning your apt and every single spec of dirt and corner to shining perfection.
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