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Creekwood Apartments



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mArsh508 • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/17/2007
If your car isn't broken into, it will likely have damage from accidents.<br><br>The parking lot was constructed very poorly. People drive at fast speeds and there have been numerous accicents. Even when driving carefully at a slow speed, when you round a corner you have brake immediately to prevent running in a head on collision with the other cars. This is not a place for children to play!!!<br><br>If you want to leave in the morning to get anywhere you are stuck either trying to make a left turn to get out of the complex or you are stuck behind other people trying to make left turns. Always have to leave early to still arrive someplace late. Also getting back into the complex is a major problem. Sometimes cars will stop and let you in, but traffic is generally backed up in the area.<br><br>Expect to have your car damaged in some way.<br><br>Months before I moved in, I found out that two people and their neighbors had their cars broken into and valuables stolen. I realized that this would happen anywhere and I made sure my apartment would be on the main strip where there is heavy traffic flow. Later after complaining about my problems to the apartment manager and a police officer, I found out that several other cars had been broken into in the same area. Living in a busy place does not help and they say they will have security but there is none.
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Creekwood Apartments

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