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Gable Hills Apartments



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SoonerFan1980 • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/10/2007
I have lived at Gable Hills for 11 months and at best am indifferent about how I feel about it overall as an apartment complex. It is a very large complex, so you have all sorts of people of all sorts of ages coming and going, so it can be very noisy throughout all of the day/night. Since I've lived here, there have been 3 different manangement teams, all of which are not the nicest people in the world and often forget work orders for apartment maintenance up to 2 weeks at a time (trust me, I know first hand, I've had to call and remind them) There is a local bar just down the street that attracts many young people to come through the aparment parking lot on the weekends, either making noise in their drunkeness or speeding through the parking lot in their cars. Their is no trash pickup service and the trash bins are either at the top of the parking lot or the bottom which makes living in the middle of the complex slightly inconvenient. The grounds are often littered and it takes management too long to get it picked up. The stairwells are very narrow, probably too narrow, and you will have a very difficult time moving things into your apartment if you're on the 2nd or 3rd floor. The best thing I can say about Gable Hills is its safety. I've never had any problem with vandalism (knock on wood) and haven't heard of any other tenants that have either. The parking lot is very well lit to detract possible vandals. They also have a nice size swimming pool which is usually well kept in the summer, a decent size playground/playset for children and public grills located throughout the complex. Unfortunately, my lease is up next month and I'm NOT wanting to resign. I should also point out that Gable Hills is a "low-income" apartment complex which means that if the household income for a single tenant, a family, etc. is over a certain amount, you will pay higher rent as opposed if it was under that amount. Overall, as I pointed out in my summary, I think you get too little out of this complex for what you pay which for me is $462 per month for a 1BR/1BA. I have selected "No" to whether or not I would reccommend this apartment to somebody because it is definitely a place you'd have to see for yourself as opposed to just a website before you made a decision to live here.
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Gable Hills Apartments

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