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Mansions at Riverside



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/02/2005
I have lived at the Mansions for almost 5 years. I just learned of this website and was appalled when I read these reviews on MY HOME! It's amazing to me all the complaints about the security gates not working. I live near the front of the main entrance gate and am constantly seeing cars trying to "beat the gate" while it's closing and sometimes they even hit it! These are probably the same people downgrading this HIGH-CLASS, BEAUTIFUL and VERY WELL MAINTAINED COMMUNITY. I mean, how ironic: they complain about the gates not working and then it't a hassle and inconvenience to them when they are working! <br>In addition, the girls in the office are always willing to help and make sacrifices (when it's within there boundaries), they are kind, pleasant, caring and professional! They obviously were not able to comply with several people's needs and are unfortunately being critisized for it! How ironic again: the biggest complainers are the one's who didn't get their way! <br>The maintenance guys here are incredible too! These guys sweat blood and tears to maintain this place. One of there "services" is to pick up everyones trash 3 times a week. Well, the other morning I was walking to the newspaper stand when I witnessed several people drive by these maintenance guys picking up (their) trash bags and not only were they laughed at but they were teased at. How humiliating! And, for what purpose?<br>At any rate, I LOVE living here!!! I have no intentions of leaving here anytime soon. I would highly recommend the Mansions to everyone!!! <br><br>
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Mansions at Riverside

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