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Resident · 2009
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My fiancee, 2 kids and I just signed a lease 4 days ago. My 2 beautiful little girls have horrible allergies to insect bits and mainly roaches from the allergens, shells, and other nasty elements roaches carry. My fiancee and I emphasized countless times that before we lease there must not be any roaches at all for our childrens safety. One of the managment promised that the contractor that sprays the community can definately get rid of any infestation if any exist. We viewed one unit right by the front office that had no roaches when we seen it. When we started to move in we seen 1 roach while moving dinning table, then another and more and they just kept coming. I bombed with 3 bombs the apt that day and we didn't move anything else in. I bombed again with extra strength 3 bombs Monday which was yesterday. The roaches are out of control I spoke with the manager Angela and she down plays the situation as if the massive infestation is something theif "contract exterminator" can control. My daughters are having to live with other people while the staff is saying "we will get the problem undercontrol." I personally called Orkin and Terminx to come and inspect the unit for professional opinion. Now they want to make money so of course they will try to sell their service; however, management with both Orkin and Terminix stated they are not allowed by Oklahoma State law to do anything without the communities permssion. So, they gave their sincere professional opinion and stated the infestation was rather large and would take months of ongoing service and lots of money to control. Meanwhile the front office is unwilling to start looking for another building or properity safe for my children. There is one staff member that is sensitive and helpful. She explained she also has children and in this circumstance she would be equally and more concerned and upset. They need to advertise the roach problem. I am not being hateful and understand that tenates aren't all clean and dont schedule sprayings like they should. However, I do fault them for not being up front, lying, and being decieving. They know for a fact they have roaches hence the reason they contract an exterminator to spray every Tuesday. To give you an idea, which is common sense, of how bad the infestation is; they contract a routine exterminator to spray every single week on Tuesday. Despite the exterminators best efforts there are still ROACHES everywhere even in the refrigerator, oven, and dishwasher. Knowing this they still down play the infestationand do not openly admit to having a problem. I would have declined renting with them but wrote a postive article about their integrity if they were honest. But they endangered my children and didn't give a damn, my girls allergies to roaches are very severe and lead to hospitalization. Obviously, they dont care that my 6 year old and my 3 year old end up in ER, but they care enough to offer my kids candy when we are signing the lease. It is my fault for not checking more thoroughly I dont entirely blame Silver Springs, I do blame them for DISHONESTY AND LACK OF INTEGRITY. If they lied to us and others about ROACHES what else will they lie about????
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