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The Chesterfield Apartments



Resident · 2013 - 2014
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I lived here for almost 2 years. The first 6 months at this apartment were great, a lot of space although you pay for it. I'm a student at TU left for the summer (May) came back in (August) and my apartment had bedbugs. The complex tried to blame me for bringing them; complex said they would take care of the problem and used Terminex to take care of it. Terminex never got ride of it and 3 months and $2000 of my own money, I tried my stuff for bed bugs and moved out. This complex may still have BED BUGS the treatment i used only cleans my furniture and clothes so i would kill anything in the walls which was the source (according to my exterminator that I hired). I would live here. My water heater leaked several times flooding my hallway. We had a leak behind the fridge and a mold problem during the 2nd half of my time there. Oh and I forgot to mention we had a dog tick infestation in this complex. That's right TICKS! The exterminator while dealing with the BED BUGs found TICKS. He even asked what type of dog i had (which i did not have one) and was shocked. He said he has never seen a tick infestation in a complex or house where the owner did not have a dog.... The complex also during this time period slowly deteriorated. The tennis courts outside the complex became a hang out for homeless people and others. The walk through gate is often open or broken allowing any passerby to walk through. The deposit to rent here is also ridiculous ($1000) which around $250 is automatically nonrefundable for cleaning purposes and carpet treatment. The last bad taste in our mouths was the $1.00 deduction for nail holes in the wall. Ridiculous as that sound somehow only having several pictures on the wall he had 109 =$109.00 worth of nail holes. It was the complex's last FU to the tenant. Respond to this post if you want more pictures of the mold, ticks, bedbugs, or info about the complex.
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The Chesterfield Apartments

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