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The Place at 81 Yale



Resident · 2009
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Office Staff
I would not recommend anyone moving here. I have lived here foe a little over 2 years and when I first moved in I loved it. It all started going down hill when they hired Tatum as their apartment manager. She is incredibly rude and doesn't care about anything or anyone. I have had several things wrong with my apartment and every time I put in a request for something to be done, there is always an excuse from Tatum as to why it wasn't done; such as, "oh, I'm sorry I put the wrong apartment number on the work order" or "I am so sick but I will get back to you tomorrow" She never gets anything done. I actually had to call her manager because she was so rude to me. My biggest problem here is the mold! I am highly allergic to it and I can't even put my A/C on because it is growing in my vents. I called Tatum and told her about it, and when I got home from work that day the completed work order was on my counter and the maintenance man said he fixed the problem. All he did was paint over it! Last summer I actually had to threaten to call the Health Department on them until they got a professional out to clean it. It helped for a while, but now, a year later, it is horrible again. I also have 3 leaks in my ceiling that have been there for over 7 months. They said they had a roofer out to fix it and painted over the brown water spots. Well, since we just had almost 30 consecutive days of rain, they are all brown again. Obviously they never had roofers come out. I could see if only one leak came back, but all of them did. Overall, I would not recommend this place to anyone who cares if they have leaks in their ceilings or wants to breath in mold.
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The Place at 81 Yale

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