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4200 SW 107th Avenue

Beaverton, OR 97005



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/31/2007
Canyon Park appears to the eye at first glance to be a very warming apartment complex. Nice big complex, nice landscaping, looks well kept. Little did I know after signing a year long lease things would go as they would. First off, this is an OLD complex, and it shows its years. Closets and doors were misaligned, carpet had pink stains upon move in, and all of that was just when moving IN. As our stay went on, the dishwasher, dryer, washer, AC, toilets all had MAJOR problems. They also had a problem with the water, and had to have no water use for 2 days.<br><br>I have no problem with places having problems, they all do. Problem being, whene a problem was reported, it wasn;t gotten to for quite some time. The earliest we ever had something taken care of was a week after implying we needed maintenance. On top of the physical problems with the place, the management team judges and stereotypes everyone, and treats every single person different. A management team is supposed to be supporting their client and taking care of them. It is not supposed to judge or stereotype because one person is more successful or less. Also the apartments are in a less then stellar neighborhood. Shady activities were always going on right down the street on Kennedy. There were fights late at night, cops always on the street casing two neighboring houses for drugs and other crap, I didnt feel safe at all. The insulation of the apartment was horrible was horrible as well. Summer it was far too hot, winter you could feel a draft from the windows in every room.<br><br>With that said, there were several good things about the apartments as well. There was a large space which basically was like a backyard for each resident, the walls were thicker then normal and we never had problems with residents, and the neighbors were all very nice people. The parking was also VERY spacious. However, I still strongly urge you not to sign a lease here.
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