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15021 SW Millikan Way

Beaverton, OR 97006



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kevinj1984 • Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/27/2007
My experience at La Salle started as fairly decent. Then me and my roommates decided to live apart and went to management. <br><br>All the transfer papers were signed and I moved to another apartment on my own. I get a call from collections a month later stating that I still owed money for the previous apartment. Turns out that the management had lost my transfer papers. They even admitted that it was their fault. However, i was now being held responsible for both apartments, mine and my former roommates (about $3,000 total for both, $2,000 of which was the old place).<br><br>That matter still hasn't been taken care of to my knowledge, even after several calls to the Equity Regional Manager. <br><br>Sense living in my new apartment, not only do I have repairs that they haven't done in well over two months (including mold from a leaky sink, a front door that won't latch, and a water heater bursting that flooded my closet), but the management is consistently losing my paperwork. I've had to bring my ID to the office at least 8 times in the year I've lived there, they have lost copies of my paycheck stubs (with my SS# on them) at least twice, and most recently they lost my lease papers all together. <br><br>I have asked that the assistant manager be the only person that handles my account, yet I am getting calls from everybody else in the office but her. You can be damn sure I will not sign for another year.
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