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Progress Terrace Apartments



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loser_patrol • Resident 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/04/2007
These negative posts here crack me up! Obviously written by one or two losers who whine about everything.<br><br>Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to apartment living. Lack of Parking, Noise, etc!? DUH! <br><br>Listen, for those of you actually reading these things with an IQ better than Paris Hilton's dog, you HAVE to see through these laughable and childish posts. First, it does not take a rocket scientist to take one look at this place and determine it is an ADULT oriented community. No pool, no clubhouse, no playground. WHY? Think about it, single parents. Not a great place to live if you have kids. Probably done on purpose, but in my opinion.. GREAT. If you live here and have small children, then you are obviously not a great parent. Nice job, MOM!<br><br>But why whine like a pre-weaned puppy when you knew that going in? Noise, of course you're going to get some.. IT's AN APARTMENT!<br><br>There is nothing worse on the face of this earth than doorknobs who rent apartments and whine about everyday apartment living. Whining that the manager did not pay for your ticket because you parked on the street in a BIKE LANE? LOL! LOL!<br><br>Seriously this place is nice. I live in a 3rd Floor apartment here, two bedroom. Staff is good, don't be fooled. Yes, parking is not good if you have guests over, but that's true of almost every apartment.<br><br>Here come the doorknobs any second.. "It must be the manager posting that!" LOL!
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Progress Terrace Apartments

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