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Quatama Crossing



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User1969 • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/10/2005
This complex is incredibly noisy 24/7. Before I moved in, I specifically asked about how noisy this place is and told the agent I was looking for a quiet place. She assured me that the soundproofing was impeccable, I wouldn't even know I had neighbors, etc. That was all a big lie. <br><br>I can hear every little noise that gets made in my building. I have talked to management at least 10 times about the downstairs neighbors playing their stereo loud. When the upstairs neighbor walks around his apartment it sounds like my ceiling is caving in. I'm glad that there's only one person up there.<br><br>On top of that, my apartment faces the parking lots and several other apartments. In the summer I could not even sleep with the windows open because of all the noise coming from elsewhere. People driving by with loud music, neighbors having "relations", barking dogs on balconies have all been problems.<br><br>Also, the pool is always full of children in the summer. I've lived here since May and only went in the pool once. On that occasion, another resident threw his dog in the pool before the manager came out and said anything about him having the dog in the pool area.<br><br>The "gym" is also a joke. The other tenants are very inconsiderate. Blasting music, changing the TV without asking, letting their kids run wild to play with the equipment. I've only been there twice because it's always obnoxious.<br><br>So, if you like to surround yourself with inconsiderate tenants and lying management, I suggest this place. Otherwise, look elsewhere.
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Quatama Crossing

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