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Stone Creek



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erikadendy • Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/24/2007
The weirdest thing about these apartments is that you cannot access your apartment from the parking lot. What I mean is... My carport is directly infront of my apartment, but since I am in the middle of the building I have to walk around the parking lot, then through the courtyard to get to my door. This is not fun when you are single and trying to carry in groceries. <br><br>They finally got a larger trash compactor, the old one was very small so there was always stinky fly infested trash in the garbage area. This still happens, I don't know if people forget their key or if they just don't live there... but there is no reason to leave trash on the ground. <br><br>The noise I hear from my neighbors can be annoying. I can hear them using the restroom (even before flushing) The pipes are very loud, and the walls are thin. I can hear my neighbors phone ring.<br><br>The summer here was HOT... apartment was unbearable. You need more than fans to keep this place cool. No one believed how hot it was until they step in it for themselves. It felt like a sauna. <br><br>The one experience I have had with the maintainence staff was great. They had my problem fixed before I returned home from work. The office staff seems nice, but I dont see them often. <br><br>Overall, not a bad place to live if you don't mind a little noise.... and if you have someone to help you carry groceries :) oh, and if you have an a/c unit!
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Stone Creek

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