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The Westbury Apartments



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sanremorenter2006 • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/03/2007
My wife and I moved in during summer of 06'. We placed a deposit down on a 2nd Floor apartment, only to have them call us 2 weeks later when we returned to California to tell us that they had made a mistake and that the apartment we placed a deposit on "which they cashed," was already going to be rented to another family. I was furious at the breach of contract. When my wife flew back to Oregon she took her mother along with her so that she would not be ignored. We ended up getting a 1st floor unit that faces an empty field. We also demanded and recieved a free carport for the duration of our stay. Almost 7 months later I still regret living here but what can you do for $658 a month for a 2b/1bath. I remember living here we with my mom in the mid 90's when the place had class. There even used to be a putting green, the dumpsters would never be over-flowing for days. The grounds looked nice. Now people park in your carport spot, the staff illegally enters your apartment to fix things before the date you authorized. If you do plan on moving here walk around the property and find an apartment that gets sun "like our 2nd floor would have," and that is not towards the back of the property, were it seems to be the most neglected. If the staff makes any promises get them in writing. My wife and mother-in-law asked in plain english if we were allowed to build a "removable" wall on our patio to enable our cats to go out, but not escape. After I had built the frame I was told that it altered the strutcure of the building and it was a fire hazard. So with the staff standing there I asked what was ok. So down my wall went, I cut it in half and put it back up. Not a single word from the staff, except that they liked the design. My washer broke the other day. I have been going to the laundry mat instead of letting the apartment staff come, since I have no idea when they would choose to enter my apartment. With summer coming soon I look forward to looking at the pool as I walk by, knowing that there are too many children to even consider going near it. I have no problems with the people that live around us. My neighbors have always been polite and sometimes we even say hello. Since the buildings are old the wiring in them is at times insufficient. With multiple outlets all on the same 15amp circuit it is very easy to overload the line. In the summer I would have to turn off my A/C "which I own, the apartment does not offer," just to use the MicroWave. If internet is important good luck. I have had comcast since I moved here and the speed is horrible. There are too many people tied into the same router in the area. Maybe FIos will be coming, have to ask the staff if they know anything. In closing while I might have mispelled words, or had run on sentences I have no the less given my honest view of the apartment. I may even renew my lease, but soley for the fact that it would be a pain to correct all of the improvments that I have made; ie lighting, ceiling fan, paint... FYI the windows have not been properly sealed since they were built. They will and do MOLD. It is a pain to fight every time it rains then gets warm. <br>Sincerly, <br>Marine- Now Solider / College Student / Full Time Worker
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The Westbury Apartments

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