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Native Sun Apartments



Resident · 2012
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Office Staff
I lived there for maybe 6 months? Those 6 months I felt as if I was stuck in a nightmare! If you don't mind moving into an apartment that has the stink of puppy fecal matter and urine or being invaded by LARGE orange spiders than yea sure move right in! Oh the manager, Thane, seems to be on crack. Strange, no social skills, unable to fix any problem, and will show up at random hours for no reason at all. It took him 3 days to fix a ceiling fan... 3 DAYS! plus he left all the tools latter and etc. thrown around our living room. The windows are not sealed and the screens easily fall out due to being the wrong size; allowing creepy crawlers to enter as they please. With the arbivita bushes surrounding the apartments there are LOTS of LARGE spiders. Apartments have mold in them and are probably rotting from how old the structures are. Plus having him promise us that any time the cops are called those tenants are evicted is a flipping JOKE! I would sit on my porch almost every night to watch are cracked out neighbors fight til the cops came or until one over dosed and would have to call paramedics.
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Native Sun Apartments

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