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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/16/2005
We've been living in the Broadway apartments for a while now, and we're currently looking to move elsewhere, in spite of the cost of moving. This is based on our opinion and experience, obviously. There are some things we don't like which someone else might not have a problem with, or someone might be able to solve by moving to the other side of Broadway. I'll try to sum up:<br><br>PROS:<br>1. We like the wrought-iron doors on the front and the really pretty lay-out of the mildly controlled flora and fauna on the ground level. (It gets to look a bit English-garden-style, kinda wild and growing into the sidewalks, but we like that; it's really very beautiful. And there is always something growing.) <br><br>2. The location in the city is pretty cool. Right across the street is a Deli and shop (The Broadway) where you can get last-minute foodstuff, sandwiches or side-dishes, as well as beer and wine. You're also in short walking distance of a Catholic church, the Eugene Library -- quite nice -- veteranarian offices, piercing salons, bars, art studios and galleries, music shops, shoe shops (though kinda low-rent shoe shops, and I'm talking fell-off-the-truck, not Payless), the best -- and until recently only -- burlesque show in town, as well as cheap pizza and cafes. <br><br>3. If safety is important to you, this is the closest you'll get to gated community inside a city. (Though it's not very complex security; the combinations for the backdoors and parking lot entrances are simple and never change. All it would take is one person giving that code away. I'm just saying, if this is important to you, then you have something outside your door lock. I could care, personally.) Also, I'm told they do some surveillance, keep an eye on the grounds and try to do things to prevent non-residents from squatting inside the complex. <br><br>4. The office staff are nice, helpful, and pretty. They hire very pretty and smiley girls to work there. And they've been genuinely friendly every time I've come to ask a question or for help. (The prettiness factor is not important to me, but I know you lonesome guys like a little eye candy. Else, why would this place hire such obviously gorgeous women who -- and I mean this -- smile genuinely when you walk into the office. This place markets itself pretty well.)<br><br>5. They offer a bike room and extra storage space for free.<br><br>CONS:<br>1. Noise. Noise. Noise. I think this depends on location, but I have not lived on the other side of the street to account for their living. We live on the North side of the buildings, with our back to the alley by Pizza Pipeline and the diner for the homeless. We also, unfortunately, live very close to the garbage and recycling rooms. <br><br>Unless you are a _heavy_ sleeper, forget sleeping here. By 11 pm, there are people in the parking lot out back hooting and hollering or barking or groaning or screaming, and they don't stop until at least 4 am. Don't get me wrong, it isn't constant. You may have a perfectly quiet night, until at 2:13 am, you hear some girl scream horrifyingly, wake and go to the window to hear arguments over drugs or money or why so-and-so isn't going to get laid tonight. If it's not that, it's some guy screaming in exorcist tones about the damnation of souls or the currency of flatulation in a dog's world. I hope to some day write a book about the screaming conversations I've heard out my window in the middle of the night. <br><br>Just after you think you've successfully entered REM, your cat jumps sky-high out of bed next to you as your eyes fly open, because there's a hauling, screeching sound outside. This sound is followed by at least a half an hour of thunderous banging and clanging as the bins under your building or behind the shelter or next to the pizza shop are emptied. And the best part is, they don't do them all on the same day. So, you can look forward to the same noise at 7 or 8 am two days from now and the next. (I'm not an early-riser, obviously. Like I said, this is all about perspective. If you like to get up early, then hey -- free wake-up call!)<br><br>I've had only mid-level experience with this last bit of noise, thank God. I can hear everything my neighbors are doing. Everything. They hear us. I know all about the little, yappy dogs, the fights, the QUIET parties in the next apartment, conversations, music, how often my neighbors across the way get laid, and likewise, I'm sure. It would be embarrassing. I'm glad I don't know what they know about me.<br><br>2. Politics. Heh, this is great stuff. After we moved in, we found out that these guys trashed all the old trees that used to line this street. I love old trees; they provide shade and beauty and character. Call me a treehugger, I do not care. But read on, because it's not just about that. Apparently, when this place went in, a lot of people were unhappy about the tree thing, so the community asked for a meeting. Broadway agreed. And the day before the meeting was supposed to happen, Broadway owners took the trees down, pepper-spraying people on the way, having people arrested, etc. I was so shocked. I came from a huge, careless city. I thought this was a green town, laid back, enviro-conscious, smoke-a-peaceful-like. Don't be fooled. These land-owners are not cool. They are capitalists. (And yeah, I do mean that as an insult.) And the thing I have learned in life is that if these people who own this apartment complex treat people that way, how do you think they're going to treat you? I expect they'll see this, and I know I'm not getting my deposit back. In the short time I've been here, I've seen a lot of people move in and out. I don't think people stay long here, except for the unfortunate elderly. I feel bad for them. I hope they found quieter spots and aren't bothered by the rest of the stuff.<br><br>3. They give you as little space as they possibly can for as much money as they can possibly get from you, and then they pinch you for parking.<br><br>4. The construction lacks character and richness, something they're willing to charge you for but not give you. This is totally about personal taste. I don't like siding, thought it's wood, it's been painted drab yellow and light tan. And the outdoor lighting looks like it belongs in a penitentiary. The balconies are niggling. Some people can't even fit on theirs. The main rooms are tight and controlled, while the bedrooms are tiny. You do get nice sunlight, though. And that's important. But the rest is cheap and shows pure greed on the builders part. Build fast and cheap; get people in before stuff starts breaking. In addition to con 3 -- they go together. <br><br>5. There's a little guy who works here who watches everything everyone does. He likes to spout rules. He likes to tell you what you can't do. He will be a pain in your arse when you move in.<br><br>As to the questions below, and why people rate so highly. <br>1. Sometimes parking is ample. But who cares when someone charges you too much or at all? It's nonsense. I live here. Why am I paying extra to park at my home where I already pay a LOT of money to live?<br><br>2. Who cares how often the noise happens? That's such a personal thing. Your neighbors may not be in town all through Summer, but what good does that do you when you can hear talking through the walls throughout the school year? The fact is, the noise is beyond what it should be. They didn't set this place up right so that sound would not be a problem.<br><br>Lastly, the only reason I'd not recommend this place is personal. Obviously, I'm opinionated and maybe whiney or judgmental. But the things I've said stand on their own. Take 'em or leave 'em.
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