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Eugene Manor



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frostedcranberry • Resident 2005 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/03/2007
After a very extensive apartment search, I settled in at Eugene Manor and have really been satisfied with my time here. For starters, a major selling point for me was the fact that in addition to water, sewer, garbage, and basic extended cable, *electricity* is included in your monthly rent. This is a quality I couldn't find in any other rental in the area. The rooms are spacious and there are lots of built-in closets and cupboards. I never run out of hot water when taking a shower. There's plenty of natural light and great views from some of the apartments. It's located conveniently on the EmX line and within walking/biking distance of The Kiva, The Bijou, Sacred Heart Medical Center, U of O campus, and many great shops and restaurants. The apartments, being of older construction, were built in a time where quality and not quantity was a priority, which is not something found in most newer developments. The walls are thick concrete and the interior doors are sturdy and safe. The fixtures, while outdated, are still very sturdy and reliable. Many apartments still have the original metal cabinetry.<br><br>The building's heating system (probably the original installed in the building in 1950) seems to require constant maintenance, so be prepared for maintenance staff to be in and out of your apartment. 24 hour notice is always given but if you're planning to hide a cat or dog here (pets are NOT allowed), prepare to be kicked out.<br><br>As most of the tenants here are college students, it does get loud at times, when they keep hours that are different from those of us who have careers. The management has been very devoted to keeping Eugene Manor a quiet place for those of us who aren't up at all hours of the night.<br><br>The parking situation is kind of frustrating. Contrary to popular belief, we do have assigned parking spots but many people choose to ignore this fact. I've found that if someone has repeatedly parked in your spot, you can not call the towing company directly--you have to call the off-site manager at home and in turn have her call the towing company, which is really a pain because nobody wants to bother her at home.
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Eugene Manor

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