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Holly Ridge Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/14/2007
I just moved in and I regret ever setting foot into that leasing office. It has gone from bad to extreme hell. I did not realize I had to drop my standard of living to reside here! I have encountered nothing but DRAMA!! That woman Taralyn in the office only wants to argue and has not been helpful in the least with any of my concerns, which have been substantial regarding the maintenance of my ------ apartment. I have tried to remain professional and calm in my conversations with them and tried to have all confidence that they would keep their word, but I'm finding nothing but disappointment all around. I've had enough.<br><br>All maintenance should have been done before my move-in, but I'm here ten days into my lease, still waiting on someone to get off their asses! My moving company is on hold and I'm having to pay my former roomate rent (on top of the full months rent I paid to move in here) until the maintenance is done! I'm paying for utilities in an apartment I don't even live in yet! It's all so surreal to me honestly. I don't know what I did or said to deserve this..<br><br>All I hear is every excuse in the book about how they CAN NOT help me and nothing at all about what they can do to remedy the situation. Everything in my unit is dilapidated and completely worn, rusted, molded, broken, or hanging by a thread. The carpet has holes and stains in it, looks like someone has defecated on it and they called it "cleaned."<br><br>I'm in tears everytime I go into that apartment and can barely stay for an hour before becoming so entirely distressed with the damage. I can't believe anyone would be so cruel to me and my kids by ignoring my concerns for common health and safety this way.<br><br>All there is to lock the front entry door is one deadbolt lock and still the door remains half ajar, which is so scarey to me. There's gum all over the outside stairs and walkways and dog feces everywhere outside!! It is so unsanitary!!<br><br>Although they have all the amenities of a five star apartment complex, the management and people in the office make this place a living hell on earth.<br><br>This is the straight-up ------ and I wouldn't pay $300 (even if you were on section 8) for rent to live in the unit they gave me. I'm filing a number of complaints with the authorities and Better Business Bureau and also trying to contact the Trinity Property Consulting corporate offices in Washington and Texas. I don't think they realize how awful things are, but I was told that the women in the office were just given promotions and that in itself is just a gross injustice to the Portland real estate industry in general.<br><br>
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Holly Ridge Apartments

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