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Holly Ridge Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/15/2007
Well where should I start... Upon moving in two years ago we were told that this was suppposed to be a gated community and guess what, it still hasn't happened!!! I have a stove burner that I have had the maintence staff fix once and the next time I used it flames shot out of it!!!!! Until just a week ago I had to park a good 2 min walk away from my apartment!! <br>And the office staff, lets see they are extremely rude and very very difficult to work with. They have put soooo many rules into place that I feel like I am living in a prison!! And to top it all off they aren't even enforcing the rules, they have let the little neighbor boy vandalize the hall way, and let these 2 vicious dogs move in down the hall that have almost bit my husband and I both like 5 times!!! <br>The pool and hottub are always broken and none of the treadmills in the so called "state of the art" "24hr" fitness center work and the center in only open till 7PM. <br>Oh yeah and heaven forbid you are out of town on vacation or honeymoon like my husband and I were when our lease came up and we had to return a day early and sign our new lease or we were going to be put on a month to month contract and our rent would be jacked up an extra $100 a month!!!!! And now when we move out we have to pay $50 to have a professional carpet cleaner come in and clean the carpets because they are too cheap to do it themselves<br>These people really need to pull their heads out of thier asses and get some work done around this place. Thank god I am moving out in July when my lease is up!!
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Holly Ridge Apartments

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