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Office Staff
Resident 2009 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/18/2011
Exterior and interior is fairly new and nice but the management don't care about you once you sign the papers and move in. If something is broken, they take days or even weeks to come fix it. If you have a noise complaint, they pretend to do something about it but they don't. I must have made over 10 complaints about the tenants below us but they did absolutely nothing but had a talk wit them. They continued to be loud and obnoxious through out the entire day...all day everyday. PARKING? You're assigned one parking spot per unit...if more than one person lives with you...good luck trying to find a spot to come home to. IF and when you do find parking its parallele, and good luck to you if you don't come out of that place with a few hit and runs. I had someone break down my door the first year I moved in...the door was off the hinges and on the ground. I had to call the cops...when I notified them...Avalon's management asked me if the perp was an angry ex boyfriend of mine wanting revenge. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? My door couldn't lock after that...it was just proped up to look like it was shut and locked. It took them over a week to come fix it. Why pay all this rent when I don't even have security living in my own place? I WOULD HIGHLY NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO ANYONE.
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The Landings at Morrison Terrace

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