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The Landings at Morrison Terrace



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/25/2012
I have been living at the Avalon Apts for a little over a year, and let me tell you I regret resigning my lease! Lets list the numourus problems that almost every other review I've read on here ha complained about as well... 1. Management is a Joke! 2. Maintenance is a Joke! They look like their 18-20 years old wearing pretend Bob the builder beslts. When they come in to "fix" something its basically like they're pretending to do a job they have No knowledge of whatsoever. 3. Gate is a Joke! Either is broke for long periods of time or its closed for two days out of the week and open for another month. What is the point honestly?? I felt safe thinking there was a Gate but truthfully the Gate is just a con to draw you in. 4. Emergency Maintenance is a Joke! Might as well call your own plumber at 2 in the morning because if a pipe breaks, their lazy A** aint coming, or they make up some bullSh** excuse saying "We never recieved a call" or "I got very sick, and never recieved your message" 5. Parking is such BS, we have people parking on the fire lane just so they can park. There is not enough parking for the amount of tenants they have here. I feel sorry for the people who have to par on the street. If you have two cars, your screwed. 6. Basically what your paying to live in these apartments is a Joke. Your paying for a broken Gate, a lame clubhouse, terrible Management, so many rediculous rules, and more 7. The only GOOD that came from this, is your own apartment. Thankfully the apartment is nice, and not as trashy as the rest of the complex. 8. I see cops in here at LEAST once a night, or more. 9. Really annoying neighbors who are noisy as all heck, and leave dog poop on your door blaming that you never pick up your dogs messes, when I know for a fact I do. (Dont worry I through a bag of shi** on her door saying Never to leave any crap on my door again) 10. Kids are always running a muck, not to mention animals all over. I swear cats are multiplying! People fly through the parking lot like its Fast and the Furious. This place is not somewhere to live. If you want a place of your own honestly you'd be better of just saving your money to buy your home. Apartments are jokes.
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The Landings at Morrison Terrace

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