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Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/04/2007
Here are some problems I've had...<br>There is absolutely NO WHERE to park... if you work or go to school nights you are HONESTLY walking a quarter mile or more to your car. This is because renters at the Colonade (next door townhomes) park in our lot and walk to their houses, and number two those nerotics who rent the carports happen to get a spot ten feet closer to their door and opt to park in a spot instead of their carport.<br>The electician who wired these places must have been drunk... every time my roommate and I dry our hair at the same time (in our two seperate bathrooms) the power goes out and we have to reboot... also if you or any of your neighbors are using the washer or dryer the lights flicker at about 80-90 times a minute, enough to give you motion sickness while you are reading!<br>The floors and walls are super-thin... we could hear our upstairs neighbors kids running back and forth, their music (and singing!) yelling like mad at their children, and not to mention their personal bedroom activities!<br>There is hardly any lighting in the whole place... the kitchen and bathrooms are the only rooms with any overhead lighting, and they are the tube lights you find in schools/grocery store... awful! So, its pretty dark and there are only windows on one side of the apartment.<br>Our place didn't come with a microwave, so we had to get our own!<br>There are strange anomolies hiding randomly under the carpet... ouch!<br>VERY VERY VERY hot in the summer only one over head fan and NO air conditioning...<br>Several of my neighbors are frightening, I have been harassed incessently and my friends and roomate as well... people party quite a bit and smoke plenty of mj.<br>The maintenance waters way too much! Such a waste!<br>They leave porch lights on until 11am and never turned off xmas lights or in model apartment - again a huge waste!
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