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Chestnut Place Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/07/2013
Only move here if you want to be walking on broken glass the whole time!!! Its a nice complex with timely maintenance. Their ONLY pros. HOWEVER, don't the let the nice landscaping fool you! If you have kids, DEFINITELY DO NOT move here! They don't want them playing on the grass or anywhere but an old, fenced tennis court. They don't want toys out or any sign of kids. Their regular landscaper guy scolded my 4 year old for leaving a rock in the grass, right in front of me. Really?!! If you violate ANY nit picky rule, you'll be left feeling bullied. Beware! Their late fees are high at $100, even if you pay it the day after its due! If you have a guest stay more than 14 days in a year's period, they will start marking your tires and prying into your private life to find out who they are, etc., etc. They even have residents who "spy" and tell on you (that's what 5 years olds do!). Your left feeling like you can't even live peacefully. And the manager tells you one thing is okay, then you get a written notice on your door from the owner giving you an ultimatum. Your left shaking your head and wondering why you weren't told that in the first place! Again, nicely landscaped (that's all they care about), great location...but unless you want to feel guilty, spied on, and walking on broken glass the whole time I would advise looking elsewhere. These places are not worth the rent (2x1 for $820/mo plus a $25/mo washer/dryer fee, plus a $750 deposit) and there are way nicer places nearby.
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Chestnut Place Apartments

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