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Spring Creek



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/18/2007
My wife and I lived at ------ CREEK Apartments, once about a time. We lived there for about 3 years. When we originally moved in the place was great! The owner sold the complex and a new Management team moved in. Then the place went to all hell! The management team was called Guardian Management. They hired a poor godforsaken black maintenance guy who was smarter than your average rock. He soon got fired because he got caught selling drugs to the local kids behind apartments at that old white house just off Harrison. Then the management decided to rent to every Tom,---- and Rift Raff that cared to live there. You name it, they lived there. Kids would rent apartments and rent your parking spaces as well. If you weren't home by 7:00pm, you could just kiss your parking space good bye! I would find out who was parked in my space and the teenage brats would swear and call you names and tell you to go F*ck yourself, then run up the steps and call the cops. The cops are there every night by the way. Then, the last straw was when we had a slutty exhibitionist neighbor below us that would throw parties all night and sleep during the day. The slutty hoe was found prostituting herself out of her apartment and finally got caught. Took 6 months to evict her even after she hadn't paid her rent. When the pool was open in the summer, the same ---- pulled her bottom of her swim suit down part way so her ------- friend could rub sun tan lotion on her --- while young kids at the pool watched. Oh,I reported all of this many times. Guardian kept saying they have certain rights as well. Yeah, squatters rights! Our car got broken into by the local kids. Nothing was taken. Just a broken window and busted trunk lock! $290.00 of damage and cops could not do anything about it. Get this,at midnight, a neighbor in the court area on the 3rd floor yells out the window for the kids to stop making noise or she will call cops! Yes! The kids told her shut her hole and mind her business. She promptly closed the window and went back to bed. SIGH! We moved shortly after that to the Westside. It took Guardian 10 days to respond to our current renters for references. It seems the managers of ------ CREEK apartments were sad to see such good renters go! Good riddens! Please don't believe this story. Find it out for yourself.Don't say I warn you first!
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Spring Creek

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