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Alexandra Court Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/09/2007
This is an incredible apartment. I am currently still a resident here and I love it. There are some refurbished apartments such as mine, and some which are remnants of the last owners. The units that are not redone are cheaper, but the ones that are redone are well worth the extra $100 or so. This place has more character than any other I looked at in the price range. There are hardwood floors and the exterior walls are brick.<br>There is a one time non-refundable move in fee of $200 if I remember correctly. There is no air conditioning but I never had a problem over the summer.<br>The only REAL problem is the noise from the heater. They still have this ancient heating system common on the east coast but rarely seen here on the west coast. It's deafening, really. I hate it.<br>I am considering moving, but only because I'd like a bigger place and I'd like a bit of a view. I will probably move within the building. I LOVE the location. It's a few minutes walk from both Washington park forest and downtown which is the only such case I've ever seen in any city, but that's Portland. It's also right off of 23rd which is a popular (but needlessly expensive) shopping street.<br>The family that owns the place cares a lot about it which is good and bad. They take very good care of it, but always seem a little suspicious of their tenants. I imagine it is a concern of theirs that the tenants will somehow damage their building, but that's the risk of owning an apartment complex I guess. I think most of the tenants here are responsible enough. Many of the tenants here are very friendly and approachable.<br>All in all I highly recommend the building if you get a bag of earplugs for winter.
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Alexandra Court Apartments

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