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Harbour Court Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/08/2007
We were looking for a new apartment and ran across these reviews for Harbour Court, where we used to live. I believe these entries are accurate and not from 'negative Nellies'! Finding a living situation that is quiet is important to one's well being and it is imperative that people heed this notice. If you are a loud, disrespectful person with surround sound and stereo going until all hours with extra money to waste on renting - this place is for you. Seriously, you should live here. For people like us that need peace and quiet in order to sleep through the night - DO NOT LIVE HERE! The condos themselves are pretty - the nicest fireplaces and kitchen that i've rented so far....but do not be fooled. I can hear noise at all times - from loud bass to a low mumble that is still quite annoying, and then people running down the hall at 3am...loud cars coming and going and one white Xterra that refuses to turn down his music upon entrance to the parking lot. I wasnt threatened by the neighbor but they werent nice and refused to turn down their system at 2.30am. The manager is very eager to do whatever it takes to assist you, but sometimes that isnt enough.
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Harbour Court Apartments

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