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Harrison Tower

222 South West Harrison Street

Portland, OR 97201



Resident · 2017
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The location of this apartment is conveniently next to a street car station/bus stops. It's easy to walk downtown or to the waterfront. My main issue is all the outside noise. Every Thursday morning around 3AM, the trash gets picked up and I have never been able to sleep through it. I dread going to bed every Wednesday night because I know the loud trash pick up will abruptly wake me up at 3AM. Also, there is a lot of construction around this area, and the noises from that are consistent. I can't believe there's construction that lasted the whole night-morning. You would think there are noise laws that would prohibit construction being done between the hours of 11PM-7AM in the morning! Even with earplugs, I can still hear the construction. Side note: the managers here give out gift cards to residents to post 5 star reviews.
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Harrison Tower Manager


Dear Resident: Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to write your experiences at Harrison Tower. The team uses Resident feedback as an important tool to modify or even maintain our level of services, so again, thank you! You are right, the trash pick up is scheduled at an early hour as to work with the company as they also service Downtown Portland as a whole. We have reached out to the company to see if hours could be adjusted as the Service Team Members are on site just as early, however, this was a request that could not be revised. We will continue to advocate for a later trash pick up hour. I understand this is bothersome to you, would you be willing to consider a transfer to the East side of the building? I know that this would make a world of difference. As far as the construction, I understand. There is a great deal of new construction going on around the Portland/Metro area. The city does have noise ordinances, however, construction sites must get approval for construction being done after hours. We have reached out to the city as well as the builder of a nearby new build to see if these hours are cleared and approved. I agree that is no fun to try to sleep through. Perhaps writing a personal letter to the city would help advocate for a more reasonable construction time. You are absolutely right! One really amazing perk of living at a Sequoia Property is that we are supplied with gift cards to hand out for all sorts of thing; Anniversaries, Good Deeds, Birthdays, Raffles, Including Review Raffles, as well as just good old Customer Service Gestures. We are proud to be able to offer such a thoughtful deed to our Residents! Again, we appreciate your words, living in the city is such a wonderful adventure, that can be a little noisy at times. If you are interested in transferring or speaking in person, please feel free to reach out either phone or email at: 503.295.5559 or [email protected] Warmest Regards

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Harrison Tower

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