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King Tower Apartments



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janas • Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/05/2005
* overall--This is a super convenient apt due to its accessible location. It is just south of the 23rd/21st NW area, but you have some chance at on street parking b/c you're south of burnside (zone A pemit).<br><br>-The apts. are smallish, but reasonable. i got lucky and have the larger 1 BR at 550 sq. ft (which isn't all that big compared to other apt. complexes). however, i love the extra closet space i have (3 total closets, and 2 of them are quite deep!), that is a bonus. <br><br>-every apt. is different; they're not totally cookie cutter. building was built in 1950's, so it's not architecturally cool or "charming" or has "character". <br><br>-the kitchens are the biggest bummer. small and lacking updated amenities. no garbage disposal, jr. size sink and stove. it's hard to actually cook a lot. you maybe have a dishwasher (i have a portable one which has to be connected to the sink). old plumbing. the cabinet storage tho is adequate. <br><br>-You have many many windows which is a total plus in portland, where light is so valuable. however, no screens on the windows (and some of the windows don't latch all the way.) <br><br>-can be noisy. it doesn't seem like sturdy concrete walls, if that's what it's constructed of.<br>residents are relatively quiet and friendly for the most part. good mix of residents. very transient population b/c they offer short term and mos to mos leases.<br><br>-generally friendly and accomodating leasing staff. they replaced some things when i first moved in and i was pleasantly surprised at their willingness to do so. very diff. from my LA landlords. sometimes seem rushed and hectic but still friendly staff, especially the manager Michelle. maintenance staff are very nice too.<br>Maintenance usually takes 2-3 days. i've been having some difficulty in getting everything fixed. it's happening piecemeal and they keep having to return, but at least most of the things have been addressed.<br><br>It's a great apt to move into when you're new to the city like i am. I am here b/c of the utter convenience.<br><br>
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King Tower Apartments

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