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Oak Tree Apartments



Resident · 2008 - 2017
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Office Staff
I noticed there are a lot of older, more negative reviews on here, so I thought as a resident who has been happy living here, I should chime in and help balance things out. For the record, I live in the older, blue section of the complex. Anyone who's worked a retail or a customer service job knows you'll hear complaints from dissatisfied people, but it's rare that satisfied customers take time out of their day to write a good review. But here's mine: I have lived in this complex for over nine years. That fact by itself will probably tell you what you need to know about this place. I know fellow residents in this complex who were already here when I moved in, and are still living here today. It is a quiet, peaceful community. I can count the number of times I've seen a police car around here on one hand, and most of those times were because it was accompanying an ambulance. I have no worries about walking my dog around at night, and I have never seen or heard about anyone's apartment or car being broken into here. In the 9+ years that I have lived here, my rent has been raised three times total. I've lived in a complex where rent went up every year. At least one of my friends who lives locally gets a rent hike every time their lease comes up, no matter the length of the lease. Parking has never been an issue. Not even on the occasion of a birthday (when four or five extra cars are in the lot because of friends I'm having over) has parking been a problem. There are plenty of unmarked spaces for visitors, and I have never had a stranger park in my covered spot. There's even a covered space reserved for motorcycle parking, free for all residents to use, so your bike doesn't have to sit out in the rain. There are rules the residents are expected to abide by, (things like keeping an uncluttered back porch, and keeping the cars cleaned and their registration/stickers up-to-date) but those are only in place to keep things nice around here. Management has the unhappy task of enforcing those rules, and this means they often get blamed for being the messenger. However, if you visit, you'll notice that this isn't one of those complexes with broken down cars in the lot, dog poop dotting the ground, and a shopping cart or two left abandoned next to the dumpster. The community looks nice, and management and the maintenance staff keep it that way. Speaking of maintenance, management here makes that a priority, which I have heard from friends in other complexes, is often not the case. When you live in an apartment for over nine years, you are bound to need things replaced or fixed a number of times. Every time I have an issue, I go to the office, let them know, and they will almost always have it looked at the same day and typically fixed within 48 hours. If you have a pet, you can schedule your maintenance window at your convenience, so you can be sure to be home when the maintenance crew gets there. These are the things that stand out to me as making this complex a lovely place to live, and are part of the reason I (and others) have chosen to make this our home for many years.
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Oak Tree Apartments

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