Parkside Commons Apartments

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Parkside Commons Apartments

8778 North Columbia Boulevard, Portland, OR 97203
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Resident 2017 - 2020


These people are the worst, a married couple who provide horrible customer service, don't know how to fix anything, Jim the manager is a moron who doesn't even know how to change light bulb. Moss grows on the wall, the neighbors are laud as hell, you are crammed in the middle of a section 8 properties. People will steal you packages and management doesn't care when you complain. The managers are worthless. If you have the opportunity to rent elsewhere I suggest you do so. This place is cheap for a reason.

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    Allie Cat_Y

    Resident 2018 - 2019


    This was my very first apartment and the married couple who manages the complex knew I had a lab mixed dog and gave me an upstairs unit. Everything was great until a month in we kept getting harassed by the managers with noise complaints and accusations of my visitors living in my unit. Apparently your pet is not allowed to make noise, which they should change their policy to cats only. I am now out of a home, living in a garage because they gave me the option of getting rid of my dog, who I pay rent for, or leave the complex. The walls are so paper thin you could hear the neighbors children running through the halls. This place is the worst place to live, and I've lived in a tent before!

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      Resident 2014 - 2015


      Now that I've gotten my deposit back, I feel ready to write a fair rating of this place. First, if you're going to live way the hell up Columbia blvd, make sure you have a car and don't work too far away. You have to walk through Pier Park to get to any buses and if you're having to do that at night, it's sketchy. I did it ONE TIME and was accosted by a group of idiot boys. I parked at Fred Meyer, took the yellow max & then a bus downtown just to get to work at OHSU. It was fine, but it takes a long time. That's sometimes up to 3 hours of your day spent just commuting. I never wanted to go out and do anything because even just to get down Columbia took forever. Forget it, if you get stuck behind a train. And it wasn't ideal for people to come over because of how inaccessible it was. It's also a very industrial area. It's quiet enough -- sometimes you can hear the hum of machinery at nighttime, but the worst thing about it is that it IS SMELLY. Smells like sewage sometimes. I didn't really… See More>
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        Resident 2004 - 2008


        I lived here from 2004 to 2008 and I cannot stress how well these apartments were. The manager was so humble and always there to help and the maintenance team was right on time when you needed them. They are very well taken care of and I've never had an issue with neighbors or noise complain.

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          Resident 2010 - 2012


          I've lived at Parkside Commons for almost 2 years. I've never had an issue with the management or maintenance team. The grounds are always kept up. If there are any issues, they're resolved in a timely manner. Even though the rental properties on each side of Parkside Commons are less than desirable, the management team does a good job of providing a quality living environment. I would highly recommend Parkside Commons.

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            Resident 2012


            As far as complexes go, this place is pretty decent. If you're respectful and don't have a terrible rental history, you should get along swimmingly with the management. Alyce has done a great job at filtering out the riffraff to make this place exceptional. Ask her about her gardens. Speaking of gardens, The primary selling point for me was Alyce's willingness to accommodate, including allowing me to have a vegetable garden right outside my door and other things that I wouldn't have otherwise expected from a managed complex. Getting through paperwork was extremely easy and efficient and moving in was equally instantaneous... and the price is great. My only complaints are that the walls are pretty thin so noise can be an issue, parking can be an issue if you have friends visit and the maintenance supervisor is not a people person, stay out of his way. Also, the location can be kinda awkward because there's no back entrance via automobile, which adds a few minutes onto your commute.

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              Resident 2007 - 2011



              I lived at Parkside Commons from October 2007 to October 2011. Initial issues when my family and i first moved in was the response of the maintenance team. I was instructed by Alice (on site manager)that hey repair/replace anything broken, damaged or defective. As true at it may be it took them over 6 months to caulk the bathtub in our apartment so that the water wouldn't get between the tub and the wall. Our balcony was supposed to be painted in early spring ( or best weather permitting day) of 2008 and was never done. During upgrades, the contractors brought in tracked fiberglass insulation all over my apartment and left dirty hand prints on the walls and ceilings. The only response from Alice when I complained was a blank look on her face. There was a bi-folding closet door that never worked the entire time I lived there that could never get fixed. A week after getting a garage (great size and price)I found that my lock had been cut off and my garage left open. Alice and the head maintenance guy knew if they did that they'd fin\d out who was using it, so it made perfect sense… See More>
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                Resident 2011


                Parkside Commons

                I really enjoy living here. This is my first apartment and Alyce (the manager) was extremely helpful and accomodating. The application process was very fluid and she made sure we understood exactly everything we were signing. I rarely have any problems with anyone outside of the complex, which I did not expect. The Pier Park exit/enterance is a building away from my apartment. There are two draw backs - the children have no respect for vehicles on the left side of the complex. They play in the parking lot with no thought of the cars, even to move when one is coming. A child was recently hit, which was terrible. I do hope some new rules are put in place to keep evveryone safe. The other slight issue is Alyce tends to need to be nagged to get something done. She is very sweet, but sometimes you have to ask for something more than once to get it done. My apartment was in great shape and there is a constant upkeep of the grounds and surround area. I have an amazing view of the park and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

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                  Resident 2010 - 2011


                  You get what you pay for

                  I lived there for a little over a year and I really didnt have any problems that gave me much concern. Any problem that I had was usually taken care of within 48 hrs. My only complaints were the dog poop. Most tenants dont pick it up when their dogs drop it off and the manager doesnt really seem to care. And they dont give the outside of the buildings much maintenance. There are spiderwebs and bugs absolutly everywhere. That maintenace man looks inside windows when he's mowing the lawn and when he's with the blower, its unsettling when you're eating breakfast and he's peeking in. And they dont have much visitor parking. I never had any problems with the manager but she seems to take more smoke breaks than she's supposed to, otherwise these little problems wouldnt exist.

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                    Resident 2010


                    Superficially nice

                    I lived here for over a year and while the grounds ARE kept well - there was a shooting while I was there. There is definite gang activity in the area as the old housing projects are down the way on Columbia, and it spills over to this pretty little complex. The management is also superficially nice - they might try to slam you with a huge move-out fee for "damages" whether you are responsible for them or not, so beware. Also, riding to work one morning through Pier Park I came across a drug deal right in the middle of my route. Needless to say I spooked the gentlemen, but thankfully they did not take it out on me. You never know though...

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                      Resident 2007 - 2010


                      dont even consider. a true nightmare

                      this glorified ------ comes with a railroad line surrounding the apartments. two nearby junkyards. two low income apartment homes in the same parking lot. and ABSOLUTELY NO VISITOR PARKING. the manager charged me $250.00 for removing a 9-volt battery on move out. save some sanity and look elsewhere. i wont miss the upstairs drug dealer or the children screaming until 11pm

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                        Resident 2007 - 2010



                        the person below has to work for the apartment... there is nothing to like here. no visitor parking. set right in an industrial area nrxt to railroad tracks. and these apartments are sandwhiched in between two low income restricted apartments. say goodbye to your friends and your sanity..

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                          Resident 2009 - 2010


                          An excellent place to live

                          I am not sure about the motives from the others who posted about this complex so I will speak only of my own experiences. I have lived a year and five months and this place has been incredible. You have immediate access to very reasonably priced as well as very well maintained machines. The apartments are a great value for the price and the neighborhood is very quiet for the most part with a very well kept up park within a short walking distance right on the property. As far as renting from the manager she expedited my rental and had me approved within the same day explained the entire screening process completely prior to me filling out the application and they have done thousands of dollars in upgrades to the units without increasing the rent. All new insulated windows and back door brand new insulation in the roof area and all maintenance issues are addressed the same day with immediate response. I would highly recommend this complex to any good renter with positive history.

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                            prospectiveVisited 2008


                            Mgr Happily takes your app fee then never calls you back Beware!

                            The online description of the property's amenities are not all correct. The apartment I was shown reeked of old cigarette smoke. I guess if i smoked it'd be okay. I knew it was an aged place per its online description but like alot of older shows it. Old is great if it is maintained. The manager was nice the first time but sketchy and distracted the second time. I felt she tried to talk me out of renting which was opposite of how she acted the first time. She kept my drivers license why didnt she call me? It was bizarre. Luckily I called her and she said oh I have your license. As I drove to the unit she told me would be mine...there were screaming 'very young' unsupervised children everwhere in front of apts and in the streets. I value privacy and peace and quiet and this appeared as if no one else did. I was concerned about the bad reviews online and showed them to her. Her response was "yah people do go through the dumpsters here!". I knew she didnt mean for recycling. There are no units with… See More>
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                              Resident 2005 - 2008


                              Worst Complex Ever

                              The apartment itself isn't too bad and if you are desperate (ie bad breakup and need a place asap) this hole will due for the short term. Due to lack of parking, vandalism (car break ins, grafitti, and car vandalism in the form of rocks projected at the entire vehicle) this place may end up costing you much more than it's worth. Also, the maintenance team is fantastic and friendly, too bad the same can't be said for the inept office manager who is frequently spotted outside smoking and much less frequently actually in the office. Rent here at your own risk and I suggest keeping it short term or you may regret ever unpacking.

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                                Resident 2008


                                Do not move here!!!

                                These apts are terrible! It is a glorified slum. There are people regularly going through the dumpsters for recyclbles for drug money- probably residents. It is loud and the police are often in the development. Residents do not watch children so they are often getting into trouble or hanging out in the driveway. The apts. are not well made and if by thw woods - moldy. The management is very defensive andtries to pass off maintenence costs on you, when in fact the apts are shoddily made and maintained. People regularly blow off fireworks in the development and in the park. The development is surrounded by other developments and a a huge industrial complex so at night you regularly here god awful industrial sounds that can vibrate the whole apt. It was very depressing to live there and I can't believe how much better my whole family feels after movig out. Do not let people tell you St. Johns is up and coming. Its affordable because it is not a very nice place to live. Anyone considering it should check it out without management first. Pier park is taken over by rude disc golfers who let their enormous dogs off… See More>
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                                  Resident 2006 - 2007



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                                    Resident 2005 - 2006


                                    Such an improvement

                                    I have lived here for more than a year and as I stayed through the transfer of ownership I noticed such a difference. Maintanence requests are taken care of immediately, the new manager follows up with any concern or question I have, and they really try to build community. <br><br>The church group talked about in the previous post is a great thing for this area. Each Saturday they put on a BBQ lunch for the chidren of the area. Since one of the neighboring complexes is a low-income property, it is wonderful for the children and parents to have a free lunch provided on a weekend. The get together is not religiously based, I've been to it.<br><br>The property manager is on site all the time and even came to my apartment on a holiday to fix my disposal. The manager lives on the property and has helped me several times after hours.<br><br>The limited guest parking can be frustrating, but the parking is so much better than it used to be. LAst year tenants could have as many cars as they wanted on the property and there was no assigned parking. Everyone hated it because… See More>
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                                      Resident 2005 - 2006



                                      Where to start? <br><br>1. The new management. They avoid real solutions to problems at all cost. From the owner's false promises to make repairs to the inept office manager fumbling through lousy excuses for why they are unable to resolve safety issues (such as lighting dark corners next to tenants front doors). Rather than find resolutions they type up a monthly flyer, filled with threats about regarding who litters and trivial promises of "free pizza coupons" if you pay your rent on time. How about figuring out guest parking (tenants are required to rent an extra parking spot for guests OR your guest can fight for 1 of 3 guest parking spots which are currently all occupied by PARKSIDE COMMONS TENANTS).<br><br>2. NO PARKING - but this could be fixable if those "great new managers" cared.<br><br>3. Noisy! Children run wild, parties in the parking lot/garages/front lawn (churches recruiting with the ok from the mangers), the comforting sound of police sirens.<br><br>4. The inconsistency of the managers is the hardest thing to deal with. As a tenant, I am told endless promises of how things will improve (ie. Wireless internet.... that doesn't work most of the time… See More>
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                                        Resident 2006


                                        What a difference!

                                        Having experienced severe difficulties under the previous <br>management company, I was concerned that this community would continue its downward slide during the new administration. Thankfully, nothing could be further from the truth.<br><br>The new property management at Parkside Commons has been going gangbusters to improve the community and its response time to service requests. New cleanliness standards, structured guidelines for noise and parking, and comprehensive security measures are just a few of the<br>new initiatives. The new property manager is starting get togethers so that residents can meet one another...and much more.<br><br>I am thrilled that management has undertaken such dramatic efforts to add value to the property. Had the current staff been in place back in January, I would never have had to write such a dissapointing review.<br><br>Keep up the good work!

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                                          Resident 2005


                                          Absolutely Horrible!

                                          Dirty, garbage-filled, decrepit slums. Do not move here if you value your safety and/or sanity. Should be condemned...

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