Parkview Apartments

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Parkview Apartments

1640 NE Irving Street, Portland, OR 97232
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Resident 2012 - 2013


I am a current resident and I love living here. The apartments are spacious and well maintained, with beautiful hardwood floors and lots of natural daylight. The landscaping is gorgeous and the location is perfect. The staff are very professional and very responsive. I see other reviewers commenting on the sounds of the pipes when the heating system comes on, which for us, is barely noticable. In regards to the heating system I will say that finding an optimal temperature can be tricky, as there is no variable adjustment, just on or off, so our apartment is sometimes too hot or too cold. We can hear or neighbors through the walls at times, and when our lease ends we are thinking about moving, but mostly so that we can feel free to make more noise without bothering others. I must say though, it will be hard to let this place go.

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    Resident 2014


    First place I've ever lived where you can hear your neighbors walking UNDERNEATH as opposed to above. The main reason I rented a top floor was because i figured I wouldn't have to deal with noise from people walking above me. I mean normally you would think that, right? Wrong! You can actually hear every footstep from those walking below, I mean to the point of loud thumping vibrating shaking. The first time it happened I thought someone was literally walking IN my apartment! I guess bad insulation coupled with hardwood floors may be the cause, but it would be nice if management could remind residents about being mindful of loud walking from BELOW as well as above. Unfortunately, this is one place where it doesn't matter whether you're on the first or second floor, because you're going to hear every footstep. Basically, save some money and don't bother with the top floor, it makes no difference where noise is concerned.

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      Resident 2001 - 2012


      I am a current resident and appreciate the Management's response to all inquiries

      I am a current resident and appreciate the Management's response to all inquiries. The people who work for Courtyard Properties are the best attribute. I do think that a service for delivery packages to the office would be an improvement.

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        Resident 2012


        Nicer than Most

        I've lived here since 2006. And when reading other people complaints or praises I would have to agree with most. 1) Yes the pipes are very loud and since you don't have a thermostat you'll either be boiled alive or freeze... since the only temperature gauges are on and off. 2) I used to love the management. Luna was amazing and a darling sweetheart. I've heard some bad things about her in some of the reviews, and perhaps she started hating her job so much that she took it out on others. If that's true, it's too bad. Current management I am not a fan of. Paul is courteous but I don't feel he's a fit with the people here a Parkview but he does respond to maintenance issues promptly which I appreciate. The maintenance crew themselves are amazing and very patient with recurring problems (like clogged drains) 3) Occasionally the hot water will go crazy and you'll either be frozen or burned or both. Be prepared! 4)The landscaping is beautiful! 5)Parking has never been an issue though twice my car has been broken into. 6)Laundry is in the basement...$1.25 per load to wash, $1 to dry. Older machines however. 7)Most utilities are included.

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          Resident 2011


          I wish I had known before I signed on the dotted line

          As a reletively new tenant at Parkview Apartments, my major complaint here thus far has been the incessantly pounding noise coming from the heating system and the pipes in walls. This isn't just a ping or clang here and there, its a non stop banging like clockwork throughout the night.which is affecting my work during the day. I only wish I knew just how bad it was...if so, I would have definitely reconsidered. It's going to be a long winter! I have complained about this several times, and all I get is, "we will send someone over to take a look"...that has done nothing. I would like to know how management plans to address this situation. thank you

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            Resident 2011


            I like it here.

            I've lived here for five months now and have nothing to complain about. Many folks seem to complain about the noise (from the roads, to the factories, to the neighbors, to the snores at night). If I wanted a log cabin soundtrack to my living situation, I'd move to the suburbs. The reality of the situation is that we live in the city in a highly populated / very-industrail location. But this is something you can see if you take a walk around the neighborhood - you don't have to live here to know you're going to have to expect city noises. As for interior noises, I do understand complaints about those a little more but have also reminded myself that this place was built in 1941 and the fact that I know so little about construction does not offer me an answer as to how to solve the 'problem' of hearing my neighbors walking around. I don't think they can just tear the place down and rebuild it with sound-proof structure. At least not while I'm in it I hope. Parkview Apartments Pros: -Its location: it's close to the train and it's close to places I like to visit… See More>
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              Resident 2011


              A turn for the worse...

              After reading some of these, some of which seem fair, others which don't, one thing that I have learned is that an on-site manager can make or break a living experience. Ever since the new manager (Paul) arrived things have taken a turn for the worse. The last 5 managers were wonderful. Paul is nice but an inappropriate match for this astoundingly lovely residence, on Portland's Historic Registry. Sadly, do to his unsophistication and simplicity, his poor judgment is leaving an ugly mark, not only on the location, but on the culture. From a hyper-private quiet 'reserve' mixing design and natural beauty, the dilution in overall quality took a downward shift became upon his arrival. That said, he has the best of the intentions, but doesn't have the know-how to appreciate, and thus manage, this very special place. He's clearly trying to make his mark, but it would wonderful if he could make it elsewhere. The rest of the staff, and the interiors, are lovely. Plumbing has not been a problem, and anything that has been broken has been repaired very quickly. Portland seems to have a lot of… See More>
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                Resident 2011


                Unfortunately, I have to agree...

                Parkview might be pleasing to the eye from the outside, but the interior is another story! Plumbing is horrendous, from leaky pipes to having no water pressure AT ALL and the hot water goes off without warning at least once a week. This is particularly annoying during the morning hours when trying to get ready for work! Interior door knobs stick and don't turn, and the basement doors are a nightmare to open, the locks are so old and the doors so heavy, it takes forever to get the key to turn. The noise factor inside is horrible, the front doors, back doors and basement doors slam shut so loud and echo throughtout the hallways at all hours of the day and night, there is no relaxing in this place! They seriously need to replace these OLD 500 lb doors with something more lightweight or at least fix the spring mechanism system currently on the doors! The heating system is deplorable, loud clanging pipes from Sept thru May, at which time the heating system is shut down for the season, but tenants still have to pay the $65 monthly heating fee, which they call a "utility" fee,… See More>
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                  Resident 2009


                  Noise, noise, noise

                  Sunshine Dairy trucks, Pepsi trucks, the Doomtown Motorworks behind Black Sheep Bakery, the loud clanging garbage trucks at 6:30 am, the gardeners with their leaf blowers and edgers at 8 am on Tuesday. NOISE. Stinking diesel Sunshine Dairy trucks, (semis and doubles) that zoom by every night on Irving heading for the I-84 on ramp at NE 12th that are so over loaded they shake the buildings on Irving causing cracks in the walls. Smokers who go outside to smoke, only to walk back into the building with their clothes reeking, stinking up the halls and the nearby apartments. NO HOT WATER between 8 and 8:30 weekdays. Sunday nights from 6 pm to 6 am Monday are absolutely the worst for Sunshine Dairy trucks. If you love stinky diesel truck exhaust noise and smells, jake brakes, the continual I-84 drone coming from Sullivan's Gulch, the shaking buildings, clanging 70-year-old pipes, missing hot water in the mornings, screaming Moto Guzzis and Ducatis zooming by at 10,000 RPM, well, you have found haven at the Parkview. Stay away from Irving and NE 18th. Get a place as close to NE 16th and Glisan as… See More>
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                    Resident 2008 - 2011


                    great location

                    i loved my hardwood floors and it was a great location next to Lloyd center. the manager i dealt with was very knowledgeable and helpful from day one. haven't had any neighbor/noise or smoking issues. you can rent a garage too if you have a car. the landscaping here is really well maintained-- the landscape manager (tiffanie?) is really nice too.

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                      Resident 2010 - 2011


                      Haven for smokers...

                      It's supposed to be a smoke-free complex, but it's the opposite. If you smoke and are looking for a nice apartment (and don't mind hearing everything your neighbors do), by all means, move right in. Even if you don't smoke, but enjoy the smell, I highly recommend it. Don't pay any attention to the "no smoking" rider attached to the lease you one else does, including management (5 property managers in two years; one maintenance guy for 92 units...). The smoke will permeate your entire apartment. Hope you have good health insurance...

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                        Resident 2010


                        LOUD, LOUD, LOUD!

                        Word of caution, if you are thinking of renting here, make sure you ask to hear what it sounds like when the heat is turned on! This 70 yr old system bangs and knocks not only in the morning, as the previous person mentions, but during the middle of the night. And the real problem is, it's controlled heat, so you don't have the option of turning it on & off when you want, therefore, you have to suffer through the banging in the middle of the nigh. If you cherish your sleep and quiet...reconsider!

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                          Resident 2009 - 2011


                          Dealing with this a few years now

                          Called for maintenance the first yr I was here due to excessive noise from pipes...maintenance came to bleed the pipes and adjust the valves , but not much difference, buy yourself some earplugs, helped a bit, but still woken twice during the night at midnight andagain at 4 am, won't be signing on for another yr!

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                            Resident 2009


                            Dont fall for the managements false friendly persona

                            I moved into a one bedroom apartment with the Parkview Apartments complex in '06. The onsite manager seemed so friendly, cheerful and genuine. Things seemed great living here, awesome location, easy parking access via street, friendly neighborhood and well maintained property grounds. After about 6 months I realized the freezer door on my refrigerator was not sealing correctly. When I called to ask management to come look at it suddenly she was no longer friendly, she snipped at me as if I was bugging her and hung up quickly. They exchanged my refrigerator for one that was smaller with the same problem. I didnt bother to tell management anything as I didnt want to deal with her again, ever. My toilet began the process of requiring you to jiggle the handle after every flush and I still didnt vother the management, I just jiggled it after every flush. Everything about the apartment was so perfect for me if I just stayed away from management all together. My lease was up that year and I should have just left as I was on a month to month at this point, but I honestly could not find a better price and nicer… See More>

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                              Parkview Apartments is an apartment in Portland in zip code 97232. This community has a 1 Bed, 1 Bath, and is for rent for $1,969. Nearby cities include Milwaukie, Lake Oswego, Oak Grove, Happy Valley, and Beaverton.

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