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Quail Ridge



Resident · 2005 - 2008
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Office Staff
I have been a resident of this complex for two years. I have seen 4 managers come and go, each one worse then the one before. Non-responsive, and many times very rude. I have waited two years for closet doors that I've requested 3 times. The traffic is loud, the kids run wild with no oversite. Recently several cars, including mine, were keyed by the kids. Tic Tac Toe is not a very complimentary scheme to a car. I gave up on the laundry facilities, the pool is a joke. The rent continues to rise, but the service falls dramatically short. The company that owns the apartment (Princeton Property) does not return calls. Between the constant screaming of children, and traffic noise it is amazing I get any sleep. The layout of the apartments is boring, and makes you feel like you are in a cereal box. The grounds have been destroyed by the children who insist upon removing branches from trees and throwing them on the roof. I caught the current manager's kid throwing rocks at windows, and other children. The same kid was also caught using peoples cars as jungle gyms, climbing on top of them, and bouncing on the hoods. Stay away from this place, unless you like noisy, obnoxious children and a total lack of service on the part of the manager. I'm moving so feel free to take my apartment! The parking is good, just not safe for your car. Oh yeah the maintenance guy Tim is pretty cool, and does good work when the manager actually bothers to send him out.
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Quail Ridge

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