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Quail Ridge



Resident · 2007 - 2008
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Office Staff
I agree with the "At Your Own Risk" reviewer completely. Terrible management, obnoxious kids, and many other issues. The manager we had to deal with always seemed tired and depressed. She didn't pay any attention to her children and had one small boy who was straight out of The Omen, and a bit older girl who seemed like she had been forced to grow up too fast due to her mom's irresponsibility. Once we were locked out of the apartment and knocked on her door several times during office hours. No response. Her car was there, but I actually had to go and get her daughter to make her "sick" (hung over) mom open the door and give us the spare key. We had to talk the daughter into it as her mom had clearly told her to lie and say she wasn't there. She consistently would put 24 and 48 hour notices on the doors with ridiculous requirements. One was that the balconies were to be powerwashed and we had to move everything off by the next day. We left a large potted plant and watched as the powerwasher climbed up and seemed to purposefully spray it extra. Our balcony was messier than before! Another time the parking lot was being redone, and everyone had to move their cars out for nearly a day. Several times she randomly closed the laundry room due to "vandalism" (evidence for which I never saw, and why aren't there video cameras in there now?). Calling the property management was useless. Our manager was finally fired a couple of weeks ago, and I don't think there is even a new one yet. The pool may as well not exist, since as soon as it's open it is EVERY DAY, ALL DAY full of noisy kids. It's tiny as well. Parking is adequate, but like the other guy said a boy keyed a bunch of cars--including my boyfriend's brand new Mazda 3. The boy's father was very apologetic and payed for it, but without my boyfried and another guy's amateur detective work I doubt anyone would have bothered to find the culprit. Every now and then guys hang out in the parking lot at night for no apparent reason. When it's warmer, kids race over the lot for half the day. The apartment itself seemed really nice at first. We're new to the Northwest and were impressed with the high ceiling and fireplace in the living room. The closets and bedrooms are well-sized, and the kitchen has over 10 cabinets. Well, we soon found everything was not as it seemed. The closet doors are horribly designed and have all fallen off the hinges, allowing my cats to tear up one of my favorite shirts. The light in that nice high ceiling is impossible to get to without a ladder, and so we're down to one bulb of the three up there. The kitchen light is just a dome and neither of us could figure how we're supposed to change the bulb. The shower has gotten weaker and weaker over time. We had ants for a while last summer. Our dishwasher recently broke. The fire alarm is located by the bathroom and occasionally goes off when you open the door after a shower. When I went to the laundry room to grab a maintenance form, there was only one left. It seemed to have snot on it and someone had scribbled a cussword across it. Sighing in frustration, I decided to leave it since the manager is gone, just like we're about to be. Oh, and the balcony faces Barbur Blvd. and another apartment complex. Below are our neighbors' dirty, empty yards. So yeah, unless you're growing plants, it's not even really there. Pros: I do like the layout, and the place is generally quiet at night. Our neighbors aren't friendly, but they're very quiet. There's always parking available (for you, not necessarily your friends). It's a good location. But now that the rent has been raised, it's 100% not worth it. Come here and you'll be gypped! If you're set on this area, there are many nice-looking apartments along Capitol Highway behind us.
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Quail Ridge

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