Quail Run Apartments

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Quail Run Apartments

4916 SW 56th Avenue, Portland, OR 98683
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Resident 2010 - 2015


Looks good but the place is falling apart. I never lived someplace where the management ALLOWED the CEILING to FALL IN on one of their tenants. She said she told the manager there was a bulge in her ceiling and they did nothing. We all heard it when the ceiling fell in on her apartment. I thought a truck hit the building. Lucky for all, she was asleep on her couch next to the wall. They did not even provide her a place to stay while they fixed it. There is thick BLACK MOLD management has never been able to get rid of. DO NOT BRING CHILDREN HERE it is bad for everyone's health. Mushrooms grow all over. Constant problems with water and sewer systems backing up and leaking. Last summer sugar ants started invading us. This summer it is carpenter ants. Used needles found in our stairwell. At least three drug dealers living here. I am saving my money so I can get out of here.

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    Resident 2012 - 2013


    Black Mold!! Stay far far away from this place.. The rent is cheap and the new landlord is very nice however, the mold is very very bad. We lived on the bottom level and black mold continues to grow in our bedroom closets and bedroom walls. Managment was informed a month before we decided to move out and they did absolutely nothing about it! The walls are cinderblock and cement! There is no way to properly ventialte the apartment... The sad thing is they have someone moving into our apartment the day after we move out and I can't help but feel sorry for the poor people moving into this moldy building. The cheap rent isn't worth risking your health!!!

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      Resident 2010 - 2011


      Best you can do for the price

      I think that if you are looking in this price range, Quail Run is a pretty good choice. Most other apartments at this rent level are in areas I would not feel safe in, but this complex is in a nice area. Very close to a grocery store and bus lines if you don't have a car, and it's close to both Beaverton and downtown Portland. Other reviewers complain about mold, which I do agree can be a problem, but I've found that taking care in ventilating my apartment prevents it. They are quite expensive to heat (over $100 in the winter if you use your baseboards, I bought a space heater with a thermostat instead). Maintenance happens quickly and management is friendly. (NOTE: there is a new manager who lives on-site, a different one than is mentioned in some reviews pre-2008.)

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        Resident 2011


        Deadly.Simply Deadly.

        Years of hell, the place should be condemned. My neighbor was hospitalized over and over and unable to breath to find that the place was probably built on wetlands,it was also built in 1968 and is all cement and cinder-blocks. Nothing is updated because it can't be with out knocking the buildings over and starting over. IT'S CEMENT! The water comes up through the cement floor (under the carpets).Every winter if you are on the bottom floor you get to watch the courtyard flood and come up to your doors. When you call the manager he says " I don't know what you expect me to do about it, call me if it gets in the apartment.. even then i don't think we can do anything about that."But what would he care... he doesn't live on-site! EVERY WINTER IT FLOODS.Even if the water never quite gets to the door you get wet socks just walking on the floor in the bedrooms. You are also not safe upstairs as the mold and moisture just wicks up the walls.The upstairs neighbors find just as much black mold (along with many other deadly molds)as the people on the bottom floor do. The neighbors upstairs… See More>
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          Resident 2009 - 2011


          Good Place To Live

          Ever since I moved in to Quail Run Apartment, about a year and a half ago, I have had a great experiance here and would recommend it to everyone wanting to move in. The Manager and fellow tenents are all pretty good and friendly. Everyone kind of keeps to themselves which helps keep the noise down. It's actually pretty peaceful quiet around here. Bob

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            Resident 2009


            Nice place! Really!

            Every time I put in my address I see these horrible reviews and I finally decided to put in a good one! I like this place! It's not WONDERFUL but it's certainly not awful. I've been here 6 months, all new appliances and carpet in the apartment and they fix anything that needs to be fixed very promptly. It's a relatively quiet place, though a little more privacy on the porch would be nice... and my neighbors are very friendly. I don't have a car, but the commute isn't too bad if you don't have to go too north or east. Parking never seems to be an issue if you have a car... overall good for the price! My cat loves it here, too!

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              Resident 2006 - 2008


              Awful! Falling Apart...Horrible staff

              Like the last reviewer my apartment also was no cleaned before I moved in and the carpets are in desperate need of replacement and the mold was out of control when I moved in. The office manager is NEVER around for help and would prefer to hang out with her favorite male resident. The mananger and her "clan" which includes a few drug addicts and her teenage child are often seen outside consuming beer and the stench of pot is always lurking in the air over on her side of the building. Many residents have complained and nothing has happend. Matience is a joke - there is NO matience staff and when something breaks you are going to be waiting in line for a veryyyy long time. The good thing - it's cheap and in a decent area. Parking sucks...and I have seen rats in the backyards of a few apartments a few times as well. My advice - DON'T MOVE HERE!

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                Resident 2007 - 2008


                Don't bother.

                I am a current resident, I have had problems since day one. The apartment was not cleaned or painted before I moved in and I had to spend 4 days cleaning it my self. Maintenance only happens quickly when you go over the managers head, but be prepared to be treated in a surly manor henceforth of you do so. You receive notices and bulletins on your door monthly with complaints and reprimands the manager makes to all residents as a whole, they are very belittling and child like. The manager also complains to the managment company that residents bother her after hours.She rarely is in the office at all, she is known to take off for up to a week with out the management company knowing. She also hides out in her "preferred" resident's homes to avoid people until the office is officially closed. The place it's self is falling apart. My bedroom window is rotting out and causes a lot of mold issues when it rains.The parking areas for residents have a lot of trees that drop massive amounts of sap on your car to the point to where your hand sticks to your car door.

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                  Resident 2004 - 2006



                  These look nice on the outside and are falling apart on the inside and they are just 2 1/2 years old.<br><br>The police are here at least every day.<br><br> There have been people convicted of dealing drugs as well.<br><br>Your car is at serious risk. Many people have had their tires slashed and cars keyed for no apparent reason. Break-ins and stolen cars are common.<br><br>People seem to think that the parking lots are their personal place to party and no-one watches their kids at all. I have actually seen kids climbing on cars, kicking them, etc. Management totally ignores this and if you try to talk to the parents like adults, they threaten you. However, if their little rug rats are playing in the street (as they ALWAYS do as their is no other place for them to go....) and they think someone is going to fast and their precious angels might get hurt, they scream loudly and profanely...I am able to hear this from over three buildings away...my little ones learned some new and colorful language that way.<br><br>I can not WAIT for my lease to be up and I am actually considering just breaking it and paying the huge fee...it would… See More>
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                    Resident 2005


                    Caution-Make sure you get what they promised!

                    This was my daughter's first experience at getting a place on her own. It was not a good experience. Once, the papers were signed everything that was promised was not. She was told she was getting another apartment then the one she ended up with. She has notified maintenance about several safety and security issues, and nothing has been done over thirty days. She now does not feel safe there. She has really noisie neighbors next door. Lots of items in her walkway from them. Lots of foot traffic at all hours of the night. The apartment was in her price range, but to have nothing fixed or done. I am not sure if this apartment would be worth it.

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                      Asked on: 03/19/2018
                      Q: Are there surveillance cameras on site?

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                      Dogs Allowed
                      Deposit: Required
                      Weight Limit: 25lbs
                      Cats Allowed
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                      1 Bed, 1 Bath

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                      Quail Run Apartments

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                      Quail Run Apartments is an apartment in Portland in zip code 98683. This community has a 1 Bed, 1 Bath, and is for rent for $1,292. Nearby cities include Milwaukie, Lake Oswego, Oak Grove, Happy Valley, and Beaverton.

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