Royal Firs Apartments

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Royal Firs Apartments

4824 SW Oleson Road, Portland, OR 97225
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Resident 2011 - 2015


The staff here just sucks. I've lived here 4 years only for the location because it's close to my daughters school. the maintenance guy John is rude and creepy. The management changes every year and the "asst. Manager" can never help you anyway so it's a waste of time to talk to her. There are some major plumbing issues in my building. I've had to deal with sewage in my apartment on more than one occasion. I was even told by maintenance that "the more it happens and I complain about it, the more likely they will spend the money to fix it " but that had yet to happen. It's not worth the price. I've tried negotiating with them and it's impossible. They straight up told me that they would rather I move out so they can get someone else to pay a higher rent. I don't recommend this place AT ALL

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    Resident 2009 - 2011


    Mostly bad, but some good

    Montclair terrace (previously known as royal firs apartments) is in a good location. The apartments are decent sized, and the layout isn't bad. I like the maintenance staff, who seem to know what they are doing but......what good are maintenance staff if you have to wait 2 weeks for something to get fixed. The picture shows our kitchen sink, which is currently very slanted (the cutting board is at a strait angle). The fixture keeping the sink in place has rusted and broken. No big deal, these things happen. But as of tomorrow it will have been this way for two weeks. It was made very clear that a bunch of people moved out and other people were moving in and that took priority over us. Also, you may be quoted a decent rate today, but expect your rent to increase at least $50 every 6 months on a 6 month lease, unless you sign a one year lease, at that point it may just go up in shots of $100 a year. The walls are thin and I can hear my neighbors. Last note is if you live in the B building please… See More>
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      Resident 2006 - 2008


      Disaster in Disguise

      I moved into the Royal Fir Apts which looked like a decent, nice place to live, nothing spectacular. You could tell they were older and the rent was cheap (485 to start). The managers were gruff but friendly. Their office was a disaster and how Clare kept track of things I have no idea! My apt was "newly" painted on the inside, well, parts of it were painted (I noticed two different colors/sheens of off white). Then the stale smoke smell surfaced after moving in and anything white took on a black film. You could also see the outlines of things that were on shelves in the pantry and the walls. The second night I was there it was raining pretty hard and I noticed my back porch was slowly filling with with water (basement apt). Eventually it was getting to the point where it was in my apt (it flooded twice) and all management did was swap out sump pumps (which meant I had to have it on using my electricity to keep water from flooding my apt and sometimes it didn't even work...awesome!) Needless to say, it was never really fixed, just a temporary fix. Eventually, new management… See More>
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        Resident 2006 - 2008


        good apartments - horrible management

        they put on a great show - they act professional and nice. But they will cost you money and time and frustration. (by they I refer to Trina and the other lady who works weekdays) Forget about getting them to fix something. For some reason they are always too busy. They raised the rent by 40% with only 30 days notice - which is legal I guess, but when it came down to forwarding the reference to my new potential rental they ''oops, forgot to'. You can only imagine how one must feel being kicked out of one apartment without having another one to go to. And I say being kicked out because they would not extend my stay even for month to month... they need to renovate the apartment... ahhh!

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          Resident 2007 - 2008


          Don't Rent Here the Management Could Care Less About You!

          I have lived here for a few months now and I will be completely honest, this place is a complete disaster. The "new" on-site manager ----- is rude, argumentitive and could care less about any of her residents needs. She has no customer service skills and their office is completely disorganized. Maintenance issues go usanswered for weeks if not longer, the laundry rooms are disgusting and none of the washers or dryers work properly. They say time and time again the are going to replace them but it never happens. The apartments themselves are old and even if they have been redone it is just a bandaid fix so they can charge more money. The priority is definately so the owners can make more money and not to make this a nice place to live for any of the current residents. Had I known what I know now I would have never ever moved here and many of the cuurent residents share my feelings. If you won't take my word for it all you have to do is come to the office and ask for ----- and you will see for yourself!

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            Resident 2004 - 2008


            Worst Place I've ever Lived

            Since the property otained new owners the place is worse than before. They have raised the rent by 140.00 plus on top of that you now have to pay for water, sewer and garbage which adds about 50.00 more that is outrageous you might aswell live in a house. the Old apartments are discusting with mold growing in almost all of them' but they are more concerned with painting the exterior when what they should do is fix the interrior. Also Management want to charge you for fixing their apartments from head to toe. Now they sent a memo saying you can't have barbecue grills on your patios either. What do these people WANT!!!!! When you tell them that the cabinets on the old apartments are coming apart some of them don't even have cabinets they answer "Were trying to fix plumbing issues first" HELLO were paying the rent on time so they should agree to our demands aswell. Why even bother to paint the exterior when the interior looks like crap.

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              Resident 2006 - 2007


              Probably not

              I have lived here for a year and have mixed feelings about the place. On one hand, my apt is nice. It's brand new and has a washer and dryer. On the other hand, there are new owners who think that raising the rent $100 a month will bring in tenants. Not so. About 8 apts have been vacated in the last month because it isn't worth what they are charging. There are no amenities, only a pool that hardly gets any sun but gets a lot of duck bathers which also use the pool as a toilet. The neighbors are a little sketchy too, around Christmas there was a crime spree and about 13 cars had their windows smashed and stereos stolen. Our neighbors have been obnoxious with yelling all hours of the night, blaring music and children running around the parking lot. The new management is saying they will fix things up and maybe they will but they would have to do vast improvements for it to be worth the rent they are now charging and the painting they are doing won't cut it. If you do move here, the only ones to even consider are the new… See More>
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                Resident 2005 - 2006


                slum lords

                I moved into my apartment and noticed problems with mold and notified the manager, Claire. Nothing was done and was told it was just "discoloration". Finally when they came to look into it, her husband, the maintenance man sprayed the air with Tilex Mold and mildew remover. When I told him that I believed that was not going to be sufficient, he yelled in response stating "WE ARE NOT GOING TO REPLACE THE WOOD!" The only reason he came by to check finally was due to my repeated request verbally being in front of "Very Important Business Persons". So they needed to be seen as "doing their jobs."<br>There were many simple repairs needed that did not get attended to for months. Yet they have time to get on it if you are late one day on rent, and demand their 25.00 late fees. I was told that other residents had mold that grew on their furniture and all they did was paint over it once they moved. Claire doesn't like it when residents speak to one another about tenant concerns, and will try and intimidate you into not doing so by writing false letters of slander.… See More>

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                  Royal Firs Apartments

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                  Royal Firs Apartments is an apartment in Portland in zip code 97225. This community has a 2 Beds, 1 Bath, and is for rent for $1,605. Nearby cities include Milwaukie, Lake Oswego, Oak Grove, Happy Valley, and Beaverton.

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